Posted by Abhilasha
November 12, 2017

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I am not a six year old, I am sixteen. A sixteen year old well aware about the human body and the sexual desires. No they dint hush the word sex in front of me, neither did they stop me from watching adult scenes in movies. I had my needs and my fantasies. But, not against my will. I was sixteen when my hamstring muscle tore while dancing. Hoping doctors and trying all medications we finally settled down to physiotherapy, as said by all my best remedy. It did not take much time for my remedy to turn into my misery. In the name of acupressure he pressed certain points on my hands, my legs and sometimes even my neck. But one day, he found a new point. My chest became his play area and my injury just an excuse. Every time he rolled his sleeves up I knew my shirt wasn’t a barrier anymore. I started wearing the tightest of bra’s thinking his hand would never get in. But as they say where there’s a will, there is a way.  Maybe, if he’d asked me I wouldn’t have said no as at the age of sixteen I thought hat could be more painful than a torn muscle. I knew what was happening but I couldn’t say no. not because I was weak but because what would I say it was just therapy. This went on for days and weeks and then months. The human body is an interesting thing, it doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. Each time he rubbed my chest it stimulated me in ways no one ever had. I had only seen this locked in my room in the videos played under the blanket. The body went with the flow but my mind always said no. in the chaos of right and wrong there was a girl, a sixteen year old well aware girl who did not know what to do. One day, when she couldn’t take anymore, she went to the reception and shouted ‘please no more’. No one really understood why she said that, the doctors came running and the nurse sat consoling. She was tired and moreover disgusted, she hate that room and everything about that place, she said she wanted to dance and he unable to cure her pain. They believed her as there stood a rebel, who did not know what to say but knew she had to make her own way. She did enjoy it but that wasn’t her mind or body, it was just a hormonal reaction to his action. She never wanted it and so she said- please no more.

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