KADHAL ULAGAM- A blue Rose Exclusive release

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November 13, 2017

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KADHAL ULAGAM” (காதல் உலகம்) is a collection of poems that are based on how a boy loves his girl. The main focus of the poem is how boy’s heart expresses love, feelings, golden moments, desire, and imagination about his girl.

The boy shows his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. He adores her with the poetic diction, compliments of submission with her happy and sad moments which are written in a way that tells author’s feelings.

He was drowned in her beauty and he decided to express love for her by creating poems through Rhetoric words.  The beautiful collections of poem are dedicated to his girl. The poems are the combination of beauty of his feelings, situations, and imaginations. Love is the way to live heavenly life on earth. You may be in love now or may not be trapped in love. Some people hate to love. But if there is no love, the youth loses its sweetness. In the view of love, he can see more than the words he could actually speak. How many meanings of loved at a one sight!  It will be a mystery that no one else can understand. She has beautiful hair which floats in air like that of an angel. The way she looks at him is like an arrow that has been aimed directly at his heart.

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