How A College Event Honoured The Elderly And Educated The Youth

Posted by Simran Brijwani in Activities on Campus, Campus Watch
November 2, 2017

An English novelist, Charlotte Bronte, once said, “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”

The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of Kishinchand Chellaram College shared their happiness of completing a decade of hosting their annual socio-cultural event “Anandotsav” with a very vibrant and fun-filled spectrum of invitees on October 2017.

The National Service Scheme of KC College aims at serving the society in the most extraordinary way possible. 2017 marked the 11th installation of “Anandotsav”. It was made all the more special because it was celebrated with the joyous senior citizens from old age homes, thalassemia major patients, cancer patients, swachata karmacharis and traffic police constables.

The invitees of the evening perfectly summed up the description of the theme of this year’s “Anandotsav” – ‘Naya Daur’. The volunteers got the opportunity to host the beautiful people who are still young at heart after having entered the second innings of their lives, the torch-bearers of today’s era and also the young budding leaders of tomorrow who are going to be the stars of ‘Naya Daur’.

“Anandotsav – the festival to spread happiness in the society. An evening for the special class of the society to experience lots of fun. KC College has tied a knot of love with the senior citizens from all homes. Not only this, the doors of KC college are also always open for the budding young stars. Anandotsav is one of the events which nurtures this bond and makes it grow bigger and bigger with each passing year.” – Dr Hemlata Bagla, the principal of KC College, explained.

“We could successfully present the theme of Naya Daur through the educational socio-cultural event. We didn’t only get to see the happiness – we also got blessings from the senior citizens, cancer and thalassemia patients, swachhata karmacharis and traffic police. New themes, new ideas and new groups bring new challenges, but we love to welcome them.” – Dr Satish Kolte, our NSS programme co-ordinator, said.

The volunteers aimed at showing the evolution of various things and factors in society which have changed for good. Significant topics like waste management, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, women empowerment and animal rights were showcased through a simple but extremely informative exhibition. The main aim was to sensitise the audience about  recent topics which should be addressed by the society for its own benefit.

“Anandotsav 2017 was way more than a socio-cultural fest for me. It was more like a platform where I could showcase my own skills whilst being able to serve some special segments of the society.”– Amit Singh Tomar, our FY NSS volunteer, said.

Detailed information on waste management and segregation was provided by the street play team of the NSS Unit. The thoughts of animals were also vocalised on the stage through a drama called “Rehem”.

The decor team of the unit excellently showcased the drastic technological, social and cultural evolution which has taken place in the society over the years. Not only this, the youths were also sensitised about the importance of family planning.

“To be a part of Aanadotsav was an incredible experience! I got to explore myself in ways I could not have imagined. I got to polish my cultural skills by dancing, singing and acting.”– Abhishek Gupta, an NSS volunteer, concluded.

The night also witnessed some of the most prestigious names in the field of social service. The presence of Suman Tulsiani and Usha Soman added to the glamour of the night in a great way. The volunteers got the prestigious opportunity to be a host to the founder and chairperson of the Suman Ramesh Tulsiani Charitable Trust, which mainly works for providing medical and educational backing for the underprivileged sections of the society. The KC NSS unit also paid homage to Usha Soman, who is well-known as the sari-clad woman who ran through the streets of Mumbai at the age of 76, leaving everyone in awe.

Right from the raising of the curtains till the time they were drawn, “Anandotsav 2017” started and ended with a bang.