WHY ??? even if WE CAN DO IT

Posted by Prince Ķīlləŕ
November 17, 2017

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many scinerios….a lot of….tensions

….only question…….why????

In day today life , I find a lot of people giving their nose in my business.

yeah ! it may seem to be funny but yes this is a major problem of all the youngsters at present. why don’t they understand ? why do they keep on saying that they can make our life better ? why sholud I not live on my own ?

no doubt that ideology is a way to think streight but many times it goes to be narrow, and the person with such ideology should be referred to be narrow minded. I don’t have any personal issue with them but as a citizen of India I wish to have a community free from barriers.

If I am wrong , you may warn me. you can’t interrupt on my business until and unless I break rules.

We are adults. we are 18+ . we should be given a chance to decide what we want, infact what we actually want.

during school days we are forced to study so that we may earn money. I am not against education, I just don’t like this purpose of education. we must get educated but only for learning, not for making money or fame. our brains are continuously washed to prove that we will be happy only if we have a good job and a huge amount of money, and this is the begining of narrow mindedness. we begin to think that we have to stydy then get a job then get married and then…then what?? get burried in soil. is there any differnce in animals and human beings, yes that is we can think broadly. so why to interrupt buddy ???

don’t take this all as a lecture. I am not a professional writer, i just wanted to say that WE CAN DO IT,  just give us a chance.

hope you guys understand the feeling behind this all. thanks and spread it if you agree.

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