Posted by Garima Thapliyal
November 15, 2017

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My origin was not an event to be far-famed as starburst and Big Bang theory. My existence is a process. Cultivated through civilisations, sped through a coon’s age and evolved through thousands of era. Distorted, warped, decorated. I have been brought to you
by you for your necessity. I somehow was extremely glad to effectuate your intent to share ideas, to convey messages, to express feelings, to pass on the legacy of knowledge to your
upcoming generations, to connect you all. I was damn happy with my work and my performance was gratifying too.

     Time fled. The history didn’t last. After all it is history. Now I seem more than your necessity. I feel suffocated in your so called love. Utterly suffocated. Your possessiveness has caged me. Shackles over shackles and I find myself in a juxtaposition where it is hard
for me to breathe. Allow me to blame you brutally.
‘I find my fundamentals has been squelched under the feet of your identity of nations,region even person to person’. I was here to make you feel connected but alas! I am used to create boundaries, separate nations even in demonstrating your social ‘class’. And I have been thinking that how several riots, asking for separate provinces, nepotism afoot at the
name of mine. This weird social psyche. I feel abused that how I am used as an invisible wedge belittling humanity. It’s not my purpose. It’s not me.

   So if you are grateful for having me in any means and If you respect me and my existence a bit, then please for heaven’s sake stop loving me the way you do. And one more thing.. let me be me.

With love

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