Learn How To Manage The IT Industry With A Specialized Education From SCIT!

Posted by Jessica Parker
November 23, 2017

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Not everyone is born with exceptional leadership skills and innate managerial talents. In fact, it takes considerable efforts to hone one’s leadership talents no matter how intrinsic they may be. Only by repeatedly and consistently sharpening one’s decision-making skills does a person truly stand to discover the vital essence of leadership. This is exactly where the highly versatile MBA in IT courses offered by the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) come in. Let us learn a little more about this institute and the courses offered therein!

Learn IT Management While You Work With An MBA (Executive) In IT:

The Executive IT MBA programme at SCIT helps students develop a global approach towards managing leading IT organizations. Designed in an advanced modular structure, the course provides students with an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge business management techniques relevant to the modern-day entrepreneurial scenario. The intensive course therefore allows students to rapidly attain all the necessary entrepreneurial abilities required for managing and handling IT operations across internationally renowned business corporations and conglomerates.

Discover The Science Of Data Analytics With An MBA (DS & DA):

MBA in Data Sciences is a 2-year PG programme at SCIT designed for giving students a complete understanding of data analysis techniques and tools currently in use. Through these methodologies, students can better understand and appreciate the many intricacies and convolutions of complex data streams. The course helps students develop core analytics competencies necessary for taking on greater responsibilities and challenges in the world of data sciences and analytics. That being said, some circles are popularly known to refer to this course as SCIT’s MBA in Data Analytics programme.

Expand Your Knowledge Of IT Businesses With The PGPITBM Programme:

The PGPITBM Programme at SCIT has been scrupulously designed for effectively providing students with highly-specialized knowledge of Information Technology management. The course aims to make students industry-ready and employable in the shortest time period possible. The programme has been mainly created for tackling niche topics and focus themes integral to the IT domain.

Handle IT Businesses Better With An MBA (ITBM) Course:

The MBA in Information Technology Business Management programme allows students to effectively choose from 5 highly efficient modules essential for efficiently managing networked IT systems. The modules are inclusive of IT Infrastructure Management, Information Security Management, Data Science, Systems, and Software Solutions Management. Post-learning these modules, students can appropriately deal with and manage various IT business configurations and setups. The programme assists students in getting a comprehensive understanding of IT systems and processes by providing them with an in-depth overview of contemporary Information Technology architecture.

We thank you all for taking this spectacular journey into the world of SCIT along with us. We hope you have a fantastic management career ahead. Adios!

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