Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of participating in Group Discussions!

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November 13, 2017

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The ability to clear the Group Discussion stage is a prerequisite for every potential MBA aspirant looking to make it big in the world of business. In fact, impressive Group Discussion skills and sound leadership abilities are often known to go hand-in-hand. Let us learn more about some of the key Do’s and Don’ts of participating in Group Discussions! Read on!
1. Do be as patient as you can:
Not everyone is lucky enough to get the topic of their dreams in a Group Discussion. In fact, at times, one might even end up with a subject that they know far too little about. In such circumstances, it is wise to stay patient and learn more about the topic through what other Group Discussion participants are saying about it than to end up saying things that one knows far too little about. This gives one enough time and space to learn and understand the given topic sufficiently enough to make an informed opinion about it.
2. Do prioritize quality over quantity:
One’s success in a Group Discussion depends less upon how much information they are presenting to their group and more upon how valuable and insightful that information is in relation to the topic under discussion. Which is why it is a wise idea to value the quality of one’s content over its quantity while presenting one’s arguments during a Group Discussion.
3. Do Listen, Remember and Respond:
This is one of the best techniques that one can follow during a group discussion. What this requires participants to do is to Listen – carefully to others’ arguments; Remember – as to who said what; and Respond – specifically to each of the previously made arguments accordingly while making their own point. Doing so establishes one as a thought leader and helps create a positive and lasting impression about them upon the Group Discussion moderators’ and evaluators’ minds.
4. Do speak up when the opportunity strikes:
Nobody ever asks a person explicitly to speak up during a Group Discussion. Which is why one is expected to grab their opportunity to speak as soon as it presents itself without being too loud or too forceful.
5. Do stay clear about the discussion objective:
A Group Discussion that strays off topic is a failure. Which why it is every Group Discussion participant’s key responsibility to ensure that their arguments are on point and discussions on topic. This goes a long way ahead in impressing the moderators and evaluators of the said Group Discussion.
6. Do summarize the discussion at the time of its conclusion:
One of the most appreciated traits of good leaders is their ability to bring a discussion to its proper conclusion by summarizing all of the important points, drawing the most appropriate conclusions from them and thereby making sound decisions. Which is why it is highly advisable to properly help close the Group Discussion by summarizing everyone’s points and drawing appropriate conclusions from the same.
1. Don’t talk too loudly:
Being loud-mouthed during a Group Discussion is the easiest way of creating a bad impression about oneself. Not only does it thoroughly distract the Group Discussion from its intended purpose, it also ruins the overall environment and atmosphere of the Group Discussion for all participants concerned.
2. Don’t get lost in thought:
Getting lost in thought while someone else is speaking indicates disinterest towards the subject under discussion and disrespect towards the person making their point. Needless to say that it is highly unadvisable to do so.
3. Don’t look at the moderator:
An unspoken rule that applies to all Group Discussions is that one must avoid looking at the moderator at all costs. This is primarily because the moderator is never considered to be a part of the Group Discussion under progress and is metaphorically considered to be ‘invisible’ throughout the discussion in question.
4. Don’t take too long to make your point:
A Group Discussion isn’t really the best venue for making one’s Oscar Award acceptance speech. In short, it is a smart move to stay away from talking too much during a Group Discussion. Instead, it is advisable to make one’s point in as precise and concise a manner as possible in order to keep things short and simple for one and all concerned.
5. Don’t ever get angry, negative or resentful:
Don’t ever make the mistake of taking a Group Discussion for a war. Getting angry, negative or resentful during Group Discussions is the fastest way of killing all of one’s chances of ever succeeding at the said Group Discussions. In fact, this scenario is best avoided at all costs if one wishes to emerge out of a Group Discussion successfully.
6. Don’t interrupt others while they’re speaking:
This is indeed the worst habit of the lot. It does a person (and their Group Discussion score) little benefit to interrupt another Group Discussion participant while they’re busy making their own point. It is far better for one to let others speak while they’ve taken their chance and speak up only once they have secured their own opportunity. This reflects well not only upon their own Group Discussion performance but also upon their own manners and ethics. Needless to say, the act of interrupting others is one that is best avoided by one and all during the course of a fruitful Group Discussion.
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We truly hope that our inputs help you in achieving tremendous success in your Group Discussions and wish you a happy management career ahead! Thank you for reading!

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