Lessons from the life of Bhagat Singh

Posted by Saransh Jain
November 28, 2017

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When it comes to patriotism the personality which strike our mind at once is that of Sardar Bhagat Singh.A symbol of indomitable courage Shaheed-e-Azam is an icon for youth.It is astounding that how a person at the age of 24, sacrifice his life for the nation, for his people.When people prefer to lead a settled life with a good job or stable business;Bhagat Singh preferred to sacrifice everything for the nation.His greatness lies in his thoughts, speech and actions.Whole life of Bhagat Singh is full of lessons which are relevant even today and should be followed in all walks of life.
Born in a family that followed all the rituals and customs staunchly, Bhagat Singh couldn’t resonate with these traditions and was able to identify himself with the feelings of compassion for fellow human beings, kindness, freedom from oppression.Though he called himself atheist but he was in a deeper sense only following what is prescribed in all religion.Here comes the first lesson from his life, that is Religion is not only following customs superficially rather it’s a feeling of compassion,kindness,harmony,fraternity,love,peace and not oppressing anyone,which is followed from inner core of heart.
Being a supporter of radical actions to free India,from British Raj; Bhagat Singh venerated Mahatma Gandhi a lot,whose views conflicted with the views of Bhagat Singh.This is the most relevant lesson in contemporary world.For cooperation and for Mutual co-existence there is a dire need of respecting other views. No matter how much contradictory are the views of other people,they must be heard and must be respected.
On 30 October 1928,Lala lajpat Rai led an all parties procession and marched towards Lahore railway station to protest against the arrival of Simon commission.Police retorted with lathi charge which left him with many injuries and lead to his death.Bhagat Singh who respected elders, a lot decided to take revenge from the Supritendent on whose orders Lathi Charge was done.Here comes a lesson of Respecting Elders .Bhagat Singh who didn’t identify himself with the methods of peaceful demonstration, was deeply grieved and hurt after the death of Lala lajpat Rai ;who followed the Gandhian path of satyagraha ,because he respected his elders a lot. This is the most important lesson for people hailing from metropolitan cities who disregard their parents and even torture them.
Bhagat Singh sacrificed his whole life against injustice and for the rights of Indians. Even during trials of Lahore Conspiracy when he was imprisoned he undertook an indefinite hunger strike in protest of prejudiced treatment of white versus native prisoners which he broke after 116 Days.This incident itself narrates Bhagat Singh’s spirit of not tolerating any injustice or oppression even when he was facing a trial of a law and an inquiry.Here comes a new lesson, never tolerate any injustice;Whatever circumstances you are facing, never give up and fight for your rights.
After the trials of Court regarding Lahore Conspiracy Bhagat Singh was sentenced to Death,even after the death sentence, he was not afraid and and embraced the death on 23 March 1931 boldly ;this indomitable courage of Bhagat Singh is the foremost reason of honoring him.The teaching is, that a person with undefeated courage is always respected.

Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh is always remembered for his love for the nation and fellow Indians.He was a man with valour and gifted wisdom.An inspiration for Youth, he has shown a path to every youngster of India that live a life which is completely devoted to nation.His sacrifice for the nation has made him immortal and he is going to be remembered for years.

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