lets play the doubt game!

Posted by Akashdeep Kaushik
November 7, 2017

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Why do we doubt everything that does good? Are we cynical by nature? Or there is something in our growing up societal values? Why is the person who is helping a needy is questioned in terms of the motive behind that help? The NGO giving out free goodies to poor children is said to be centre to siphon off black money, why? Why is that people around us tell there is good in everybody but only springs with a hidden agenda as when we see a road being repaired is our first thought elections must around the corner. Are we groomed to think in negatives ways? Why do we only question ethics, morality, positivity, logic etc.? I, myself used so many questions marks.

Let’s try to think our motive behind creating the doubts about the motive of anything positive or helpful. It is because we are inquisitive by nature. Umm, maybe. But then why do we start our question in the most negative sense possible. An animal right activist is trying to save cows because he is influenced or paid by the right wing. Does every animal activist not love animals but only the colour of a cloth. Why does every question about the media who presents the right facts/figures points to them as they are against the nation? Potraying the unpresentable situation of ones own country is termed as treason. Why does a star who questions a particular situation is labelled as opportunist because a film of hi/her is about to be released? Do we have specified time for questioning like the question hour in the parliament where we have less of doubts and more of shouts. I wish we had constructive doubts and question arise in there, so that deceitful and hateful doubts arising in our minds could have been less, but that is a different topic.

We  have so conditioned ourselves to be so cold, colder and polluted more than the delhi winters that we even cast aspersions on a person talking politely to us. This doubt trend aint new, even I take our mythology into consideration than even sita was questioned for no mistake of hers and so was vibheshan, that he wanted the kingdom of ravana in exchange of helping out Rama. So this culture of doubting a chartiable action or thought has been for centuries only to have a maximised to huge propotion in 21st century. As recent as our independence days, Gandhiji is questioned for being selfish and he took decisions considering only his own glory.

We feel a sense of achievement when we cast a doubt over any benevolent action of man and share it with others, we feel a sense of satisfaction answering to our inner voice that whatever positivity is being has its ulterior motives. Still if I take it with a pinch of salt I wonder why don’t we have the same rationale for godmen, our places of worship, religious institutions, why are they being exempted or they are doing the work of god in real. And why do we exempt our own nature of donating tons of ghee, money to our places of worship in the name that it will used for care of god, or tons of other things like sweets, fruits, flowers that all of it will be used for poor which in most cases is used but in the least possible amount. Where does this same culture of pointing in the negative direction vanishes when modern education is denied to small children just because they are being taught to be religious scholars. The same double standards don’t apply when we give out low quality made prashad to make gods happy for our own selfish reasons and all this is done more in the times adversity that we dole out of tons of charity only in our times of need. We have to cast some serious aspersions on ourselves and our self-centred motives than sit easy and question the positivity around the world.


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