Let’s talk taboos

Posted by Medha Verma
November 13, 2017

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I was going through the sex survey 2017 and while going through it I remembered a line from last year’s survey:”we may not talk about it but looking at our population ,India is definitely have a lot of sex”. We talk about all the things insignificant and label all the important things as a taboo.Sex being the biggest hush hush topic for us. As a teen I did not give much thought to the taboo of sex but as I entered college , my world opened up. I was lucky enough that my College offered something amazing called liberal arts and I was a sensible enough to take up a course. In my second semester I took up a course called ‘mentioning the unmentionables’. As the name suggests we were discussing things in a classroom which were hardly said out loud.

About 10-12 of us would sit casually in class with are legs folded , with our backs leaning on wall or our heads down on the table.Our professor ,who also is the principal of our college passionately talking about various things and hoping that after the completion of course we have the ablity to analyse things before branding them as dirty and unutterable. When we talked about things like masturbation, porn,body image, menstruation, religious power, martial rape and other such things outside the class we would meet uncomfortable expression, even from our peers.

One of the main things we discussed was sex and everything related to it. As any orthodox mind will say that discussing sex with teenagers encourages them to have sex. My answer to this would be a big:NO. On the contrary discussing sex opens up your mind, makes one more accepting and aware. Sex is something very natural and is not supposed to dirty.The  issues our society is going through opening about sex is more important than ever now. why do things which effect us day in and day out  remain under sheets. It’s high time now, we have to start talking and have fruitful discussions.

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