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Posted by Varun Dalal
November 17, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

Have I ever lived my life ?
May be not.why ?
I cried when I was born & my parents made me smile.
It fixed to my mind that,
No other thing but my parents are my life.
As time passed,I further grew up,
They started sending me to school,
On the first day I saw my mom leaving me alone.
That made me cry harder.
I firmly started believing,My parents are my life.
On returning home,I asked them,why ?
Why did you left me alone with unknowns?
They replied,
“You need money to live good life,
You need to study to make good money”
I was confused,
I called GOD ~network busy.
I studied hard,hardwork paid off,
I got a nice job giving me good money.
But,I had to live my home,my parents.
“You should go,your life is going to be better”- mom & dad said.
I was confused,how it can be better without them?
I called GOD ~network busy.
I left home,parents,happiness to get a new home,become a parent,earn happiness.
Time paased & in between I got married.
One day my father called me,
“Son,you have earn good money.come back here now.we will live a great life together.”
The selfish me replied,
“Dad,I have my own family,I have my responsibilities,I can’t come.”
This was definately the MISTAKE.
Years later,
My son left me like I left my home.
My wife was no more & I was missing dad and mom.
My bank balance was shouting but,
My mind was screaming.
I was alone sitting in my chair,
Wondering,have I ever lived my life ?
I found no answer.
I called GOD ~it was ringing,he picked up.
“Dear GOD,have you planned a good life for me over there?
He replied,”life over here? There ain’t a life here.I sent you there to live a life.
You choose to be needy.
You choose to be greedy.
Now its time to come here.”
I asked,
“At least give me a last chance.
If my son will come back to me I still can live a great life.
GOD bet on that.”
I called & asked my son to come back.
He replied,
“Dad,I have my own family & responsibilities.I can’t come.”
As the cycle repeated,
I was defeated.
And now on the way to GOD,
I regret,
Why didn’t those money satisfy me ever?
Why didn’t I go back home?
Why didn’t I live my life?
Because as time passed,
I changed meaning of life.
– Varun Yashesh Dalal

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