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November 20, 2017

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-A journey of Day to Day life
Fade in:
Opening scene we can see a fast moving train on a platform. We can hardly see people sitting in it
CUT to Scene takes place at night in the Dining Room:
There is a clock in a Dining Room which says 8:30pm Ashok is sitting at Dining Table waiting for food; to his left is his daughter Aishwarya (ashu). In front of her she has a plate fried potato chips rolled chapatti’s. His wife is cooking food in kitchen. Ashok looks at the clock which is in the dining table its 8:30pm he looks at the clock as if the time is running to fast. His head turns to his left. Ashu is playing with her doll.
Ashu please can you try eating more faster

Ashok looks at the kitchen. He calls for his wife in a much louder voice

Come on Pooja let it be fast you know I have to go to bed…
Till then Pooja comes up with aloo gobi and some chapatti with an angry face

It takes time to cook food, if you are in so hurry then why don’t you come in kitchen.
Ashok wasn’t interested in listening he was busy eating his food as fast as possible. Pooja gives a disappointed look and stares at ashu angrily, ashu keeps her doll down and starts eating her roll of chapatti in fear.
Cut to the night at bedroom:

Its night 9:15 there is darkness in the room Ashok is trying to sleep with his
hand on his forehead he could hear the noise of the dishes which are being
washed and his daughter who is playing with her doll

Aishwarya (ashu)
Mera munni ko sona hai! hum pahale doddo(milk) piyanga aur fir soo jayenga.

Ashok removes his hand from his forehead turns to his left and try’s to sleep.

Cut to early morning in the hall:

Its 6:15 Ashok is in hurry fully dressed up a formal shirt with a tie a cotton
pant and black formal shoes. He looks stressed up. In his hand there is a file
which he is about to put in his bag. While he is doing so he talking to
someone on phone

Yes sir, sure.., yes sir I have the file with me, don’t worry I won’t forget

Cut to kitchen:

Pooja is packing Ashok’s tiffin in a red color tiffin box she looks at the clock
its 6:30 there is eagerness in her face at that movement she hears a voice

Pooja i am leaving I will be back by 7-7:30.

Pooja with a louder voice

Ashok wait, your Tiffin

She runs with the tiffin to the door where Ashok is waiting with excitement
and a tense face

Thank you…

Ashok has a quick glance at the clock which is in the dining room, he looks at

It’s almost 6:45 ask ashu to get up, time for school.

He turns back and starts walking down the staircase. Pooja gets offended
she starts murmuring to herself.

As if I don’t know ashu has to go to school.

She turns back closes the door.
Cut to railway station:

Its 7:10 Ashok is waiting at Borivali railway station for the train to arrive, he
goes and stands at the edge of the platform and bends himself to left to see
if train is arriving. There is no hope in his face. He comes back to see a man
standing with him with a not so well ironed shirt and a old cotton pant with
a suitcase in his hand.

Unknown Person
Nowadays this virar local are always full and on the top of that
always late. Now if 7:05 local comes at 7:15 how will it work?
Boss thinks we are late now who will tell him that
bloody trains are late.

Ashok is surely not interested in what he is saying but still nods his head. He
looks at his hand and realizes he has forget to take his watch Nowadays this
is happening with him more often. Till then the train arrives he gets in that
crowed train.
Cut to inside the general compartment:

Ashok is inside the train standing in between the two seats. He is looking at
his phone reading whatsapp message. At that movement from nowhere he
here’s a voice of two men

Bhai aap jara aga badho na!

Tereko itne ghai hai to tu aga ja na, mein to idhar he khada rahunga.

The two men have grabbed the attention of the people standing in the
compartment. Men1 is angry at this movement which can be indicated from
his face

Apko samajta nahi hai kya bhech me khada ho agar itna he hai toh fir gate par khad raho, amhala pan thambvun thavlya.

Ashok looks at them and gives a half smile as if he is enjoying

Aree mag tula samjhat nahi ka re chutiya mazhya pudhe ja na mag me ithech ubha rahanar!

A man standing there interaps in between

Bhaisaheb vo apko jane ko bol raha hai na aga to aap jayea na!

Man1 gets calm

Sir vo baat nahi hai paar…..

A boy standing behind man1 gets out and stands in front of man2

yeh kya baat huee jabardasti hai kya.

Man1 removes his phone out and starts doing something with he has a
defeated face while he is looking inside the phone

Cut to Ashok:

Ashok is back to his whatsapp message when a man from behind talks

Unknown Person2
Now a day these types of fights happen frequently, this public from virar is like this only.

Ashok with a non-interested face


Cut to office:

Its 10:00am on the office clock Ashok is trying to run some code but an error
appears. He looks right up from his computer his colleges are all doing the
same work he tries to solve that error and then run’s it an error once again
appears. He has a tense and frustrated look on his face, he goes out to take
a sip of coffee
Cut to office Smoking Zone:
As Ashok is having a coffee he could he voices of other colleges who are talking to each other with cigarette in hand
Aree… nahi yaar maine dekha usko ittu se shorts pahane thee..! Bhai kya hot lag rahi thee dil agaya uspar.
Saale havas ka pujari… hahaha
Sahi baat boli apne lakin maine suna hai…
Ashok tries to finish his coffee as fast as possible and leaves from there

Cut to:
Its 5:45 pm Ashok is done with all of his work he just packing his bag. He is
relax from inside but has a frustrated face maybe because of back to home
train journey. Generally he has this face whenever he is going back home.

Cut to train:

Its 6:05pm there are people eagerly waiting for the train Ashok has just
arrived on platform he goes to the edge of platform to have a look if train is
coming or not. The train is on its way. There is sight of relief on Ashok’s
face. Ashok gets in the rushing train and finds a place for him to sit. Beside
him are some group of men playing cards he looks outside the window
as the train starts. There was quick smile on his face as he was thinking
about the scene that happened early morning in the train
Cut to home:

Its 7:45 Ashok is back home removing his shoes and shouting for his wife

Pooja I am home keep the water boiling for bath. What’s have you made for dinner.

Pooja looks at Ashok in angry face

Why do you keep shouting while you are back at home once you get down at station give me a call I will keep the water for boiling so when you come you can directly go for bath, you won’t have to wait.

Ashok as if he gave up

Ok baba.
Cut to bathroom-kitchen:

Ashok could smell the food from bathroom he calls up for Pooja

Now don’t tell me aloo gobi is back.

Pooja trying to crack a joke out of it

Yes you guessed it right!

Ashok had enough of aloo gobi from continuous 3 night. He had given up on
aloo gobi. He can hear the noise of his daughter ashu who is playing with
her doll.

Aishwarya (ashu)
Ab hamari munni khana kayegi. Kayegi na munni??

Ashok has a smile on his face after hearing that
Cut to bedroom night scene:

Its past 10:00 on the bedroom clock Ashok is looking up at the ceiling fan
beside him is his wife. He is looking at the fan anxiously. Pooja sees it

Why are you looking at the fan?

Ashok is still looking at the fan but heard what Pooja said

You know my life is like this rotating fan. The fan moves in the same direction everyday so do I. I catch the same train, same office, same work and meet similar people every day. You know I always wanted to do something different in life but due to family pressure or I didn’t have much guts. Actually I could have been a writer. Someday I will surely….

He hears a weird noise from Pooja which he usually hears from her when she is fallen asleep, He look to Pooja to only notice that she had fallen asleep. Ashok laugh softly for a while and then he closes his eyes

Fade out:


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