We Only See The Police As Corrupt, But What About The Hard Lives They’re Forced To Live?

Posted by Pramod Singh in Society
November 23, 2017

Yes, it is a fact. It is hard to believe and digest the fact that policemen, in spite of being such a powerful class, are also the most oppressed and neglected class. They are the most hated too.

The politician, business tycoon or the general voter. No one cares for them and almost everyone hates them. They are tagged ‘corrupt’, ‘rude’, ‘unkind’, and ‘arrogant’ and so many other words which may get censored here.

Yes, a part of this is a fact, but have you ever thought about their lives and the conditions in which they do their job? How much they are paid and why they are so corrupt? For a moment, think of the frustration and condition of a common man working in some IT field harrassed by seniors, HR, team leaders, their bosses. It is talked about a lot on social media, via short films, sarcasm, comedy videos and all.

So they all are doing a job. They all need a raise. Their requirements are never met. They often have to sacrifice their hard work under pressure from their bosses. Shouldn’t all this be applicable to the police as well?

The police also have a job and are paid just enough, and to get this job they have studied and sacrificed the most youthful time of their life. And they are not paid in dinar or euro. They are paid in rupees only. The only difference is that they have to deal with the darkest part of the society and have to face risks of getting injured or killed. They have duty 24×7 and 365 days just like our army. Apart from that, they have to please people from the media and politicians.

Yes, some of them take bribes. We can’t deny that fact but it is not as if they have created a fortune for themselves. They are also victims of the same system. They also have to pay to the higher authorities for promotions and good ratings. They also have families, where like everybody else’s, their families have expenses greater than their income. Like other people, they also want their kids to get things, education, etc. above their income, just like every other parent.

I am not justifying this corruption, just talking about the root of the problem. The general mindset is that they have government aided houses and receive subsidies to buy things. But have you visited the kind of accommodation they are provided? Not all of them are lucky. Let’s talk about their kids. Many of them don’t get to spend much time with their parents because of their busy schedule.

In fact, I had the most beautiful experiences with policemen, especially in Maharashtra. As per my opinion, they are the most dutiful and serving community. They never complain, they never do dharnas or strikes or anything like that.

Have you heard of any policeman strike or mass bunk like doctors or people belonging to other professions? I can’t recall, being a daily reader of the news for the past 15 years. So, the police are the most responsible of the lot.