Posted by Royce Samuel
November 30, 2017

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IT has been seen from time to time that it is thrilling to think about fast trains pacing at bullet speeds and that such trains would enable such operation by the use of modern machinery, and that any such service so provided would be beneficent to the masses it caters the needs of.

Some in Mumbai say that such a timely adventure in the bullet train would prove capable for meeting one’s relatives in the day and returning home by night.

It is though putting at ease a numerous worriment subjective of the times anew, but there is a certain issue which could possibly prop up and form way for legal disputes and claims, and any complexity that involves therewith… it is recently seen that the Indian Prime Minister had famously declared on the My Govt Portal, a contest for best entry of the Bullet Train Logo design to be accepted as the logo for the new fast train.

The mark so selected represents the face of the image of a certain animal not distinct enough to be recognized as What a different kind of  the feline species, but the same represents through its image fashioned in a specific design arrangement an animal of the “Big Cat” family and the design in its formation also shows the presence of speed and agility. Though it also does signify train lines as stated by the designer himself but the same is gained knowledge of only after it is made aware of, and hence confuses, and also replicates other registered users of the similar trademark for certain services assigned.

The logo so selected for the bullet train though constructed upon tedious efforts but may fail to seem like a unique combination, as only to name some; are the well-known trademarks of  “Jaguar”, “Puma” and many others as the same representations are used in these marks. And these brands and their trademarks have now become well-known trademarks in the services these companies render to its consumers and that similar representation of the trademark usage would cause an infringement of the trademarks and would deliver on such trademark many legal issues.

One may say that the service provided by the bullet train itself would be of a well know characteristic and the trademark will champion as a household name. But the thought of the well-known category of trademarks reflect another though of myriad and popular usage, but it is perplexing to think that the mark though has gained popular usage but the services of which have not been once used.

Both the JAGUAR and the PUMA trademark represent at the glance of its trademarks speed and the same is represented by the New Bullet train selected logo, though many would say that the services so provided would be governed by a parliamentary legislation and that the services so rendered would be such a written piece of legislation. But the question again arises as to whether this selected logo would be a part of the legislation, and that even if such legislation be incorporated in the Act so passed the infringement would be negated away off private holders in this government holding.

There are a many a thought though meagre in view are lasting.

The key that one needs to assert is simple and away from any complexity is that the institution of designs so established by other government legislation, should formulate an effective measure by imparting its student the basics of such laws, though wholly unimportant for the students as their area of interest are averse to the study of law in a degree learning, but would be important for them ahead in their lives.

Imparting knowledge of law is a certain form of resonance that remains long lived in the minds of the individual and actions become precautions than brash and negligent, the students of design undertake profession very closely touching these laws.

The trademarks are to be a certain signature to represent companies and should not be expressive but wholly arbitrary to its formation. A strong trademark is always graded 10 out of 10 but a weak trade fails to be graded. The knowledge of such laws and other laws have hence become important and are so, for everyone to know.

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