loss and Gain

Posted by Anwesha Baruah
November 16, 2017

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The Legendary Emperor,Ravana was the second avatar of Jay on earth. He was too talented and did many demonic sins. He also battled against the popular avatar of Lord Narayana, Rama.

When Rama was sent to exile for fourteen years, he was accompanied by his wife, Sita and his dearest brother, Laxman. During their exilation, Sita was kidnapped by Ravana because of some specific circumstances and was taken to his kingdom. So the battle between Rama and Ravana took place to rescue Sita from the land of Ravana. In this battle, Ravana was defeated by Rama and it was something meant to be. But this defeat was not a real failure for the kingdom. By this defeat, Ravana achieved the eternal salvation from all his demonic lust. And this gave a new hope to his kingdom to regain all its morality as his brother, Bibhishana, who was a true devotee of Lord Narayana,  got the throne afterwards.

Using this as the light to the end of the dark and narrow tunnel, we can see things differently and positively. The world is facing thousands of inhumanity, brutality, or harshness day by day. We should not lose hope. We must keep a corner in our heart for faith to regain our Mother Earth’s real dignity. But to achieve such blooming desires in result we must put forward our hands to those who are at least trying to maintain the pace around. We should not forget that loss and gain is our part of life and is somewhat meant to be in this cosmos. But we may also achieve the new light of hope in our life just like the ascent of hope got by the kingdom of Lanka after the death of the King, Ravana.

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CSJMC, Dibrugarh University, Assam

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