Posted by Krishna Joshi
November 21, 2017

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Love is something that people say you can never express. It’s about that feeling you get when you are at the peak of your happiness. Love is of varied forms: love for your family, love for your closest friends, love for your partner, love for your pet, love for the nature, love for our work and hobbies. There may be so many different forms, yet the special feeling one gets is the amalgamation of lots of emotions. The love a mother has for her child is the most selfless and purest form. Sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of bringing a smile on her child’s face, is the most supreme form of love and something that is way too beautiful.

Coming to relationships, our elders generally say that the current generation finds it tough to differentiate between the feeling of liking and loving. They may be right to a certain extent looking at how fast the dating apps like tinder are gaining popularity but generalizing it to a whole generation is not something appropriate. There are still people left in this generation who believe in old school romance; people who still believe in the concept of destiny, no matter how impractical it sounds.  This generation still believes in having late night conversations on the terrace under the stars in place of having a coffee at some 5 star. This generation still believes in walking hand in hand to a place instead of having a ride in limo. This generation still believes in exchanging handwritten letters in place of texting.  This generation still believes in waiting for years and giving a chance in place of breaking up spontaneously.  This generation still believes in having a heart to heart conversation with their better half at a normal tea stall in place of partying in the clubs. We have always loved watching movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Me Before You and The Fault in our Stars as they make you believe in what amount of strength love can actually gift a person. But it is also stupid of oneself to believe in fairy-tales in this fast pacing world! 😀

The truth is that it does not matter as to in which generation a person is born, the level of maturity and understanding between the two individuals is all it takes for a life long relationship. The amount of care, concern and love they express, in spite of having numerous fights, is what keeps them going.

The another form of love is showing empathy towards other people, helping them and making them happy. This in turn makes you happy. How beautiful the world would become if each and every person started being empathetic with one another and started caring for each other! There would be no need for wars and separation through boundaries. The world would become a much better place to live in and the heaven would be here, right here in the hearts of people! 🙂

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