Love for the country and people

Posted by Chiku Agarwal
November 25, 2017

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India or any country which is changing so fast and developing so fast with all those the population is growing much faster rate. With increasing population, so many problems are coming up:-

a) Pollution                   b) Rape              c) Behaviour or Manner              d) Difference in states and languages

Now let’s see whats happening in around world with so many problems:-

a) Pollution:- More fast-growing cities and more urbanisation are bringing so many health issues at good places or cities such as DELHI, BENGALURU, HYDERABAD, KOLKATA, CHENNAI, MUMBAI, PUNE. Recently the best example is Delhi which is not at all safe for pollution so the main thing of this is growing population which needs to be resolved first rather than making huge Investments on different things act now before its too late.

b) Rape and molestation:- The most common news we see today every day every girl being teased or raped or blackmailed or even touched by there own mates inappropriately and those persons shamelessly touch them at different places like bus, metro, trains, schools, colleges, working place or etc. Openly the rapers are being allowed to do anything without the consent of girls. And due to changes in students behaviour they are just getting more into shits than learning, laughing, enjoying. And a common people who want or will to stay with peace can’t live on this planet because either other get jealous of his/her values or others kill the inner them. Fuck system where every day we hear shits and good both the things, but we neglect the good videos that taught us something instead that becomes a controversy.

c) Manner or Behaviour:- Students getting only shits everywhere they are taught how to be rude but not the respect which a person must get because elder than you or has achieved something in life that’s why he is on the other side. Students must get the respect or the respect its never so easy to stand in a place and deliver something.

d) States and languages:- Politics playing its role perfectly by dividing the states in the name of language oneself should never divide themselves of this fuck reason.


Finally, its a NATION respect it or move out of it and get hanged for the illiterate things you do with a girl and play with her life and body just for pleasure giving her wounds without her consent. You better get it Respect the Earth or Earth won’t Respect you. Politics is playing a big game you need to see and look for the betterment of self and nation.

Videos come and go but learn from it instead of making fun of it or forgetting it the next day. Instead of making fun of someone who is trying look at self because you are not even trying.


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