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Love that I have seen

Posted by Dinesh Rokaya
November 21, 2017

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When it come to love and compassion I couldn’t stop my pen to express it. Love is pure and transparent which is the summation of pure sprit. Love is pure because it is the most beautiful things that only last with humanity. Love is pure because it doesn’t allowed any external resources to condemn it. Love is innocent so it doesn’t depending on on any materials possession nor it can be achieved from any other being like you but it is within you and without you somehow, but the matter of fact is you need to be present at it and able to understand the flame of love that which is being igniting everyday.

In general we suffer, in the sake of love ,affection and our kindness towards it grows day in and day out but we can’t reached beyond it. Our suffering grows in a higher level and as a result our feeling towards love vanished and ignorance took place, when our feeling is full of  ignorance then slowly our livingness vanished and then only remain is  our existence. There is  far difference in living and just existing so as a whole we are not onto our beingness anymore.,we are collapsed and only things remains within us is our physical body. So this physical body will also gonna be vanished sooner or later it is only the matter of time. We only exist in material illusions, for example our old father work hard in order to make his family feel love and as a result he sacrifice his love for himself and give it all for his family. He can have any Degree that exist in our education system or can be master in any other thing to harnesses his family’s love for him but it not gonna work anymore. This process will continue until his death and love is the answer for such a devotional man but unfortunately he didn’t understand the answer and as a result he vanished into the sea of questions and questions.

So as a whole love is the answer and love is the purpose for we human beings. Love is the answer because we all perform our karma or render our service to be loved or to make other feel love. Karma and services are nothings but just a medium through which we express our love. We just act on it but we never feel it, love is not an activity to act but it is  the feeling to be feel. We are unaware of all this spiritual ritual and we compare our love with activities and measure it in the weight machine of material possession. The bigger our house we think that the  bigger will be our love, the more expensive our toys we think the more will be our love but which is the illusions and hence we compare our love with the size of material existence which is the illusions that our society believe. And we are suffering from this illusion since long ago. Our grandfather suffer from it,our father suffer ,we are suffering and this ritual will continue for upcoming generation as well . We all are unaware with this fact and hence our suffering will continue. Our suffering will continue because there is no one to clear out this illusion. Everyone is busy on creating this illusion and even there are the school and universities which are making this illusion more advance and complicated. They are spreading wrong concepts and destroying innocent child in the name of education. No single person is aware of it and nobody care about it because we  everyone are the product of same production company.

There was one person which was against of this system, the Rajnesh Osho , the great Indian mystic and the great devotee of meditation, but in front of 100 lions one wolf is just a nothing. They killed him they killed him not because they were against of him but they were against of humanity. They wants people who are full of illusion so they they could rule the world of innocent people, so that they could be the King and keep on manufacturing such a wrong products. Osho educate millions  of people all around the world and changed their lives by introducing the truth of Gautama Buddha and Mahavira, and teach innocent people that what is love and how to make most of it.

We never try to understand the reason behind the suffering of Buddha an Mahavira because answer to these all illusion is hiding behind their suffering. Again the love is the answer. Every great spiritual leader suggest that know thyself meaning love yourself. The mother is the pure love without any conditions. They just love their child without hoping anything in returns. So I just want to say that learn to love and if we love our self this world would be much more better place.


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