Watch: This Hilarious Magician’s 2-Min Tricks Will Blow Your Mind!

Posted by Josh Talks in Video
November 5, 2017

Self-taught magician Manas Tayal’s impeccable comic timing is a sign that he was born to be on stage. Confused? Let me break it down for you.

Humour and magic is a sold-out combination. Luckily, the Delhi raised engineering student grasped this and decided to follow his heart. Manas’ unusual talent, grit and persistence eventually helped him strike gold. His observational comedy and expert sleight of hand has landed him gigs not only nationally but also internationally. When he’s not entertaining people in cruise ships at USA and Australia, he’s inspiring young adults to pursue their passion. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to get an insight into his visual artistry and mental magic. You’ll be amazed!

In the video, Manas explains that it was his desire to renovate himself that led him to branch away from engineering. His motto is – curiosity should never die. Learning new skills every day gave him immense joy. This habit of his set him apart from the rest, thus aiding him in becoming the most accomplished person in the comedy circuit.

Manas firmly believes that art has the power to unite and save the world. As long as artists like Magic Manas continue to live and thrive, there’s an honest possibility of some good in the world.