Manthan- A blue Rose Exclusive release

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November 10, 2017

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Shridhar Asutkar’s  book MANTHAN is a book about complete devotional knowledge, about real God, our mind, and nature which is collected from meditation just like Dharma, Karan along with Gita.

MANTHAN shows a mirror original reality mirror own image of each and every person in his life.

MANTHAN book is our further version which shows the modified structure of our space, universe, and nature along with our mind and personal development.

MANTHAN gives a perfect solution to our each and every problem we face throughout life.

MANTHAN shows a complete picture of our past, present, and future along with it gives a simple and a very easy way to enter past and future.

MANTHAN gives an opportunity to improve each and everyone, their inner-self time to time.

MANTHAN shows the two upward and downward our life way.

MANTHAN guides us giving a perfect direction to our whole life as per our luck factor.

MANTHAN is a guide to how to make perfect study for every student.

MANTHAN is very helpful in giving simple meditation method of utilization our each and every mind powers.

MANTHAN shows the journey of death, birth, and pursuit.

MANTHAN directs about how to get freedom from death and birth wheel.

MANTHAN gives the definition of our bounding and freedom in our whole life.

MANTHAN defines the mistake and crime of marking perfect justices.

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