Meaning of “change your mentality”

Posted by Minakshi Singh
November 22, 2017

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Today what i saw is a dream,a nightmare,that i am being raped by someone dat i never saw, all of sudden i awoke what i found i was sweating and my heartbeat was very fast… I have no idea what should I do…. So I called one of my male friend and I explained my dream after that i felt relax .he said one statement that you always think negative thats why you dreamt like that. then I thought Really its all about my thinking , really if everyone will change their thinking there wont any rape case happen…what is the actual meaning of “change your thinking”.is it mean ignore all such typ of rape related stuff which are happening everyday and live your own life.or it means to ignore all such typ of person who scann your body from top to bottom with bad intention or ignore that person who touch you badly or it all mean to wear saree or salwar suit to cover yourself all the time-seriously is this the meaning of”change your thinking”-i m still confuse and my heartbeat s are still very fast.but if by changing my thinking rape can be reduce den from now i’ll think positive for no one want to hear any rape case ..i am a girl and dont want to be a victim of any rape case,no any boys want that his wife, girlfriend, sister mother be a victim…..god bless all the girls and also all those boys who have already changed their mentality

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