Medical tourism; spreading miles of Smiles

Posted by Smrity Roy
November 13, 2017

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“Medical tourism” though a recent concept but has gained tremendous momentum over the past years. The concept mainly refers to visits by overseas patients seeking medical treatment and relaxation. The Indian Healthcare sector over the past decade has shown tremendous improvement infrastructurally as well as technologically, matching the facilities offered by the developed western countries.
Most of the war torn countries like Iraq ,Afghanistan and several others seek resort in India for any major health issue. Protracted violence during wars have wrecked the health care system in these countries.For many, traveling to another country in order to seek medical assistance is like a daunting proposition, with a meager income. With affordable healthcare services, India is a boon to these people. Treatment offered in india are affordable when compared to the exorbitant medical costs in the west.
Alongside the corporate sector the government of India has also contributed greatly through the National Health policy, 2002, by issuing medical visas for tourist seeking treatment in India. The private sector has always been a prominent player when it comes to medical care, and the neo-liberal policies of the government has helped it boom in the recent times.
This government subsidies and the sudden influx of health care seekers from India and abroad has given way to contradictory views regarding the government’s policies of promoting private sector over the public health care units.The key selling points of Indian medical tourism industry are the combination of high quality facilities, competent, English-speaking medical professionals, “cost effectiveness” and the attractions of tourism.
Unique medical techniques like Ayurveda, Unani, homeopathy, Sidha, accupuncture and Yoga are very popular among foreigners. The availability of these unique wellness methods give India an edge over its foreign competitors.
India very well has served the needs of a neglected global population, which requires better quality healthcare services at an affordable price. Medical tourism surely has a lot to offer for both India and all the individual who come here to be healed. May it keep spreading #Miles_of_Smiles☺

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