How A Man From Indore Became The King Of An Unclaimed Land In Africa

Suyash Dixit, an explorer from Indore, declared himself as the ‘ruler’ of an unclaimed no man’s land situated between the country of Egypt and Sudan.

Suyash travelled to Bir Tawal, an 800 square miles of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan. Bir Tawal is the only piece of land on Earth where humans can settle and survive but is own by no nation. He claimed the land as the ‘Kingdom of Dixit’ declaring himself as the ruler of his kingdom. In favour of a rational explanation, he referred to early civilisational ethics and rules which suggested that to claim a land, one needed to grow crops on it. He said that, “ I have added seeds on this land and poured water on it. It’s mine now.”

He also added, “Now I know I am not the first to be there. Now I know that some 5-10 folks have done it in the past as well but this is my land now (as I have officially planted the seeds following the rules) and if they want it back, there will be a war (over a cup of coffee at the Starbucks probably)!”

After planning for two nights to decide the route for their travel, Suyesh and a local driver Mustafa started their journey at 4 am in the morning from Abu Simbel. To describe how dangerous their journey and plan was, he mentioned that the route they took was of the Egyptian Military, but also through a land of terrorists, and hence the military has a ‘shoot on sight’ order. But to follow his commitment, he said, “If your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying!”

Now the Indian son is offering applications for nationality in his kingdom, with a flag on his website.

He said, “We found two places to put our flag. One we call the capital of KoD and other is where we start our border.

The facts about KoD, as Suyesh described on his Facebook page :

“Name: Kingdom of Dixit
Capital city: Suyashpur
Current population of country: 1
Ruler: King Suyash I
Date of establishment: November 5, 2017
National Capital: Lizard (I didn’t see any other animal there.)”

Suyash announced his Father as the President of KoD as a birthday gift. To conclude his Facebook post, Suyash added, “ I am the king! (Please?). This is no joke. I own a country now! Time to write an email to UN.”

However according to reports, Suyash is not the first to claim, earlier an American father wanted to make his daughter the princess of the kingdom of North Sudan. But according to international laws as described by a legal expert to the Washington Post, only a state can claim sovereignty over a territory.

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