200 Products Later, I Can See My Dream Of Teaching Kids For Free Come True

Posted by Chandni Mishra in Specials
November 14, 2017

The journey of Miskimp started with one student in a small room. I come from a middle-class family and have gone to a government school to complete my education. The one thing that I noticed is that getting an education from school was not enough to enhance one’s knowledge so I thought of getting tuition classes but the fee was too high. I was lucky enough to get coaching as I had a good performance record. The faculty in my coaching institute were also very supportive.

Miskimp helps kids to continue their studies

Soon, I completed B.tech(CSE) and started working in an MNC. One day, while travelling back to my home from the office, I realised that there are so many kids who live their life by begging. That scene acted as a catalyst and I thought of teaching kids for free. The idea was to teach those kids who can’t afford the tuition fee.  While teaching kids, I used to take out my savings to complete their basic necessities like notebooks, pens and pencils.  After coming from office, I used to teach them and we saw a growth from one student to 20 students in a month.

Miskimp from social initiative to an e-commerce site

Later, it became difficult to finance the Miskimp project of teaching kids for free. So, I came with a social entrepreneurship idea through which we could continue our mission.

I have a good sense of fashion and jewellery. We started with selling accessories for girls (earrings, tops, jeggings and bags) through our Facebook page and Whatshapp. We got a good response from people and in this way we found a way to help our mission.

By selling the products we made Miskimp a brand in itself which is about ‘Help One, Buy One’ through which every sale we made, the amount goes to help with the basic necessities of kids for their studies. We increased our presence on Facebook and Instagram pages to finally have our own website.

We have a special place for all the people who gave us an opportunity to keep this mission running. We wanted that to be seen in our packaging and prices as well. So we kept the prices as low as possible and packaged our products with customized messages.

The journey of Miskimp started from one small room with one student and now it has become a brand in itself. We have sold more than 200 products as of now. We would like to thank everyone who gave us an opportunity to help someone in need and make our journey possible from ‘I’ to ‘We’.