Mobile App Development for Expanding Your Business

Posted by Dmitriysmith
November 14, 2017

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mobile app developmentExpanding your business is every owner’s dream and goal. Modern day technology allows each business to grow in several ways, one of it includes mobile app development to get to new customers and support the old ones. Some companies are developing their whole base of operation around a development and usage of tailored apps to connect with customers.

Outsourcing Work for Mobile App development

Ideas are always the way to start with your mobile app development but execution is the key to the proper working app later on. Having your own mobile app development team inside your company is great, but not all companies have that opportunity, especially start ups with limited resources and staff.

Plenty of websites are offering the option to locate developers for your mobile app development project but you should be extremely careful and picky when choosing the team to do the work. Take good care of your newly developing app start with choosing who will be responsible for it. Being your own project manager Is a must, as you are the only one who knows the whole idea.

Android or iOS?

This question will be hunting your mobile app development team for a while. Having enough resources and time to build an app for both major operating systems is the best option, but a start up in its initial stages should think hard before choosing which one.

On paper, iOS sounds a bit better, as it is cheaper and generally the app is built faster. Your Mobile app development team would be able to follow your strict instructions and the app would hit the App Store in no time. Android is usually preferred later on – it is best not for starting, but expanding. Android would allow your mobile app development project to reach more people, as it is the most common operating system used.

Mobile App Development Platforms

If you decide to go with Native as the main platform for your mobile app development project, it would mean that the app might be more secure, not many of them require internet connectivity and they are considered as better performers. On the downside, they might be heavier for the mobile device and they need to be created for each operating system specifically – providing less flexibility for the mobile app development process.

Another option to choose when it comes down to mobile app development is the mobile web technology. The app can be reached by any web browser (it needs to be customized by the developers), which means that they require constant internet connection. They are also fast, cheap to build and easy to maintain. Developers love this technology because it allows them to make any adjustments and modifications easily.

Hybrid will allow the mobile app development project to be built as a mobile web app and as a native app ready to be downloaded. The app can be built cheaper and faster and the Hybrid technology has gathered some of the best qualities of the other two options. However, they will not be as thorough and as detailed as they would be if they are built specifically for one platform in mind.

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