Modernization : An Uncertainty

Posted by Maaz Bin Asad
November 19, 2017

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Modernization is a meaningless refugee that has mesmerized the physicality of the people especially the youth. Modernization is perceived as a medium of gaining respect and a way of boasting among friends. Wearing trending clothing and oppressive nature is another unworthy way of defining this meaningless concept today. Many people give their perspectives regarding the concept of modernization. Many claim modernization being an idealistic practice while others call it, a practice pertaining to some materialism. Still, there are indefinite outlooks and fickle-minded people as far as modernization is concerned. Many of the renowed and acclaimed philosophers and scholars had the provision of their respective ideas for defining modernization. Modernization theory founded it’s origin from the ideas of German sociologist Max Weber, which provided the basis for the modernization archetype which was developed by Harvard sociologist Talcott Parsons. According to modernization theory, “Modernization refers to a progressive transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or traditional ,to a ‘modern’ society.”
The modernization theory clearly states that this practice is definitely not achieved by following the unworthy trends and fashions. Taking many of the other theories pertaining to this concept into consideration, modernization is an underlying practice that has a crucial influence on the society.If practiced in a correct manner, modernization abolishes unfavorable rituals and introduces a new way of living and largely contribute in overall maintenance of the society.

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