With Just This 1 Tweet To Varun Dhawan, Mumbai Police Set A Boss Example

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November 23, 2017

Since Mumbai Police joined Twitter, they have proven to be one of the country’s zaniest, coolest and wittiest accounts – that also has zero appetite for bullshit. They’ve unabashedly brought puns back to Indian Twitter, and on a more serious note, have used the platform to ask for accountability, get action taken on cases, and have also shared many positive stories – all in just over a year.

Today, one of their Tweets is ruling the internet. It’s a direct, no-holds-barred message to Varun Dhawan about how a seemingly ‘cool’ middle-of-the-road selfie act by him, sets the wrong example and can also encourage other young people to follow suit. It ends with the police directly telling Dhawan that an e-challan is on the way to his house. Dayum – did we already mention Mumbai Police has no appetite for bullshit?

In a country that actually encourages VVIP-giri, and lets celebrities and influential people get away with things like misbehaving and abusing airport staff, to just take a recent example. It’s important to hold those we call ‘icons’ accountable for their careless actions, and we’re so glad Mumbai Police did just that.

And Dhawan’s response? Not at all bad, actually. The actor apologised and said he won’t encourage this.

Not a lot of people know this shocking reality, but over 1.2 million Indians have been killed in preventable road accidents over the last 10 years. And here’s another truth bomb: India has the highest number of selfie deaths in the world! Between March 2014 and September 2016, India had 67 of the 127 reported selfie deaths in the world, which accounts to 60 per cent. Needless to say, such actions by law-keeping bodies can go a long way in setting the right example.


Agree with us? Tweet to @MumbaiPolice and tell them what a boss example they’ve set!


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