Must-Have Skills at Web Development

Posted by luisandriseo
November 20, 2017

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Creating a professional website is not that easy. There are many skills needed to create an appealing, functional website related to web development field. Basically, the skills are categorized into 3; design process, development process, and functional aspect. The first skill, which is design process, includes several things such as mastering design concept, software for design and animation, and mastering CSS, Javascript, and XHTML. A web developer should understand about designed concepts such as composition, color, harmony, theme, layout, typography, and white space. Though it is different with a web designer, a web developer should be able to use some software such as Photoshop, Flash, etc.

The next one is development skill, which is a primary requirement in web development field. Some skills related to development process are mastering PHP, CSS, SQL, CPanel, Apache, and FTP. Other skills related to functional aspect are mastering server, network, Cpanel server, mail server, and domain registration. A web developer is just like a technical support. He/she should understand where a server with client’s website placed and how it is accessed. Mail server is a vital aspect in communicating with clients. So, mastering mail server is a must-have skill for a web developer. It doesn’t stop here. It is also a must to understand domain purchasing method in order to ensure that domain can work properly.

Becoming a web developer is something that many people want. A wide job opportunity and great salary are main reasons why people want to be a web developer. But, web development is something related to tricky, complicated process that involves aspects of art, programming, and hardware system. After knowing the main things and skills that should be master by a web developer, it is time to learn by doing. There are many people succeed of becoming a web developer autodidact by utilizing online tutorials and books.

By honing these skills, everyone will be able to be a web developer, even a full stack web developer. It is a term naming people who have skills in both front end and back end development. It is not easy to become a full stack web developer because you have to master both front end and back end duties at the same time. Sometimes, effort can defeat talent. Increasing skills by learning is a big effort that allows people to be anything they want. Moreover, web development knowledge can be learned independently.

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