My Bedtime Story

Posted by Saurabh Parmar
November 19, 2017

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Sometimes even after we go to bed, we just can’t sleep. I guess everyone must have experienced it. Most of the times, we are puzzled by the questions that pop up at the very moment we get alone. One of such time is the bedtime. And I bet there are some questions that keeps you too awake at night. For me, there is a bouquet of questions but out of that I am interested in a particular one i.e. Can we measure our life?

This very question had kept me awake from past few years and yet I am surprised by the fact that I am unable to find it’s answer. I have tried my level best to solve this puzzle, but to no avail. The question may seem so simple but when you try to think about it, it just plays with your mind. Trust me. Just try it, you will know.

“Is it about wealth or success?”

“Is it about realizing your dreams?”

“Can we measure it in material terms or our relations?”

After digging some more, rather finding answers for these questions i find myself at crossroads with a  more challenging question. What about those who are not lucky enough to choose the life they have to live, how can they measure their life?

Such people are generally the oppressed sections of society, refugees, sex slaves etc. They have been neglected by the society therefore they don’t even have the concept of having a dignified life.They are barely surviving. Getting two square meal a day is the only goal for them.  Swamp Vivekananda’s words “You cannot preach Vedas to hungry stomach” truly captures the pain of these people. In such difficult circumstances, where the freedom as part of development is denied to them, how can they aim for more?

When I put all this together in one frame and try to find out a solution to my questions, it just falls apart. In the end i just feel fortunate enough to not go through this. Then my question becomes a lesser trouble for me than their cries.

And after so much brainstorming at night, I just end up telling myself that ” Living your life is more important than measuring it”. With this thought in mind, I decide to wake up early in the morning. But sadly, that target has yet not been achieved. I won’t say that this bedtime story is my favourite or they make me happy, but they do make me realise the fact that some of us are really blessed with an amazing life where we are free to choose.


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