My Best Friend

Posted by Samrudhi Patil
November 15, 2017

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Sitting on the terrace with her best friend and talking about life, was always one of her past times. She loved her best friend more than anything in the world. She was astonished as to why this girl, this shy and introvert girl, decided to stand by her. She was a mess, a total mess and problems would always find their way in her life and she struggled through those alone. Maybe, this struggle was seen by her and that’s why she wanted to give her a hand with her struggles.

She still remembers the first time they both crossed paths. It was a dull morning for her. She had just fought with her sister and regretted having said all the harsh words. ‘Crying alone makes a person strong’ was her vision. Maybe that’s why, she was sitting in her hostel room and crying, letting all her pain out. A gentle pat on her back had brought her back from the trance she was in. There she was standing, like an angel sent for her, with a hurt expression spread all over her face. Angry at first, she asked her to go out, but being the kindhearted girl she was, she hugged her so tightly that all her pain was felt through those tears. Having hugged her back, she knew that this was going to be the start of a great friendship.

People had hurt her many times, never realising that how broken it would leave her. She tried mending her heart many times, tried sewing the open wounds. But alone, it wasn’t possible. She needed someone to held her close, hug her tightly and tell that from now on, no one would ever hurt her. She was glad that she had found that person in this shy, young girl.

From that day on, they started spending more and more time together. She was always doubtful of people, always had a tough time deciding whether the people could be trusted or not. Even with her, she was doubtful, unsure whether she could trust her or not. But as time passed by, she started pouring her heart to her. She started to tell her everything that had happened with her. And as time passed by, she finally had a person to share all her grievances with and go back to being the girl she once was. The girl who lived without any limits and boundaries, the girl who lived life to the fullest without any care as to what others thought and the girl who believed that the good in people still existed.

The combination of an extrovert and an introvert makes the best one, they said. They both proved it. One who was too shy to get mixed with others and the other who never thought twice before making new friends, probably made the best combo. They both were just two imperfect souls who helped each other become better people. They both were just imperfectly perfect.

To find friends, who give their everything to find your lost soul, who help you through your daily struggles of life, who make you a better person and who would give advices from time to time, is quite hard. Such friends should be treasured for lifetime. They both were happy that they had found each other. And even more happy because they knew that no matter in what corner of this big world they both would be, they will one day look back upon these days and a tiny tear would slip from the corner of their eye in the remembrance of each other.

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