My experience of writing on yKA for the first time.

Posted by Bushra Gaur
November 8, 2017

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Hey guys,

This is my first post on Youth Ki Awaaz and i m just feeling like a writer for the first time in my life. I would like to share that initially i was feeling little scared that how can i write or what should be the topic of my post but after that i paused all idiotic thoughts in my mind and started taking a deap breath (inhale and slowly exhale…repeating it) then i realised i can easily solve my all queries , an idea popped up in my mind and realised ” ohhh !! I can also be a writer and can start writing with the help of YKA posts “. Then i went to the blogs of staff of YKA and also went on the latest posts by which i have got writing techniques and chosing of an appropriate topic for thier posts. Now i understood that to be a writer and to write well you must have a mind full of stories , writing skills, good writing technique , writing style, chosing of correct topic for your post , all these thing you can find easily in the posts of Youth Ki Awaaz. All my thanks are directly to the YKA staff for helping me in writing and also for making my mind to think like a writer. I hope from now i will get better in writing by taking such a great thoughts and sharp opinions from Youth Ki Awaaz posts. Thanks to the YKA team and all those writers who posts on Youth Ki Awaaz platform.


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