My father’s brother

Posted by Subhankar Dey
November 27, 2017

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Once i thought, about the face of the old man
it was a part of, as i believed, a genuine plan
he has grown old in time and space
he embraced me, as his son, in grace
he worked hard his life,entire
and now he wants to leave, to retire.
i thought i could shoulder him one way or another
As i m my father’s true brother..!

The life he lived, and the life he sacrificed
partly because of me, or on my advice
taking greater risks for his family every time
as a great leader of the entire regime
he knows how to give, he knows how to take
but never did in entire life, has make any mistake !
joyful always in sorrow, joyful always in pains..
he made his living, for our materialistic gains..
i promised myself to be a man alike, another
’cause i m indeed my fathers brother..!

The world always need something from you..
they either reward or throw you aside, no matter whatever you do..
but man learns always from mistakes
and a father always stands by you, in every case..
then shall he make you the God..
a perfect even in the world of odds..
he loves the happiness of your’s achieving things
the only creature who blessed you, an oasis with lots of greens,
so i wish i could survive the hard weather
as i m my fathers only brother..!

As he grows in age and strength..
i took a walk with him for some length..
he told me how to handle the hard..
and feel optimistic like an ace in cards..
the roads and trees remind me of things..
that never ever loses the green..
my father looked like a nature’s tree..
and was ready to live in peace and free..
then i realised what i was to him..
i wasn’t his son or brother, i was him!
he showed me the path he choose..
when grandpa asked him, he refused..
then he said,” the world will die..
if men like you can’t survive..
for world is a place of random mistakes,
sometimes maybe your life is on stake..
but if you climb the mountains and peaks..
you will see from there..the world’s needs..
and if you think you can dry the wet eyes..
and feed the hungry souls and be wise..
that’s what i need from you my pride..”
that day i was awake the entire night..
i recalled his face and voice so bright..
and i rose from shallow water to the tower..
as i am not my father’s brother..
i m the father, made by a father..
to be the shepherd of the lambs in hard weather..

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