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Posted by Himanshu Ahuja
November 20, 2017

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Should I come over?
Should I flap your boobs?
Would you like a thrust?

It’s become a human tendency to judge a book by it’s cover, so I’ll not tell you to ‘not judge me’ with the above lines.

A year ago, a male chauvist pig published a video on a social-networking website and now because of the same, he’s a cult figure amidst Us, the Indian millennials with more than 80 thousand likes on his Facebook page and with an ever-increasing 4.2 million views on the single video itself.
Of course, now you’re curious to know what such did this man do, so, read on…
A day before the arrival of 2016, a video, which depicted the infatuation of a man with a relatively older woman was published on YouTube.
But, it started attracting on-lookers only after 2017 monsoon began. The rains began, and the video flood in every nook and corner of social media.
Now, the man has numerous fan-pages on Facebook. People are even willing to create his fake profile(as if we’ll be fooled) on social-networking websites.
Did you get it what I’m writing about?
No? Okay, it’s a sexist cringe pop video for which the fans of the song maker gathered at various places across India to support and even ‘celebrate’ rape, misogyny and sexual harassment. Now you get it? Yes…yes…?
No? Okay fine, scroll up and glance through the first three lines of the write-up. Now try to connect it with a song. Do you STILL NOT get it?
Haha, if you don’t know what I mean, why are we still blocking our thoughts with the song? Why do we, as responsible netizens have to spread a song like ‘Bolna aunty au kya?’ without knowing what it actually means?
Yes, the first three lines are the translations of the first stanza of the song of the self-proclaimed artist, generally referred to as Omprakash Mishra.
Teen-pop started off with Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’, 6 years ago. Kazuhito Kosaka, also referred to as ‘Piko Taro’, a Japanese comedian, the maker of the song ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen'(PPAP) also gave a result to increase in Cringe pop makers around the globe.
But, the above two did not have any obnoxious meanings hidden in them.
Why do we, as Indian netizens have to promote, sing and enjoy a song like ‘Bolna aunty….’ that not only depicts, but celebrates misogyny. A month back, hundreds of millennials gathered at Connaught place, Delhi and Marine drive, Mumbai JUST to scream and hence, enjoy the lyrics of the song.
Today there are ‘n’ number of fan-pages dedicated on social-networking websites for the so-called RAP KING’s fans. Many ‘Die-hard Omprakashardies'(Omprakash fans) have even added a prefix as ‘SOT’ to their social media accounts as a matter of pride.(I’m pretty sure those are ones’ who confused the meaning of the word as ‘mister/sir’.)
The Quint Team criticised the song and hence, many Omprakashardies gave rape and death threats to the female  i.e. the maker of the hate video.

Is this the right thing that we do as responsible netizens? It’s time to think…

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A sixteen-year-young Indian Netizen,
Thank you! 🙂

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