“My hidden love”

Posted by Pragathiraj Ambati
November 18, 2017

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It started in the month of winter, like the cool wind messed with my hair, playing with my eyes causing an obstacle to see you. You have come like a clear water making a way straight to my heart.What made you to fight with stubborn sword, what made you to stop my breath.You are a rainbow in me dancing with colors, you merged with me and i merged with you.Hold me once !! ..no its not a feeling to hold you back, its a decision to be with you.Iam not a feather to flew in this stormy weather. Iam the climate which can hold you much tight. Am not the clouds which vary in every season am in your life for a reason. I decided to sail mighty ocean please dont call it as my perception. Am not forbidden, Am the choosen. With you i feel complete but circumstances are there to compete.You said “LET TIME DECIDE”. Time and decision are not a combination .I say choose time or decision.Things pull you back so that you dont put yourself in hurdlepack.Still dont get “Is it time or you created the distance” .All i can say is i feel you every instance.

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