My Lover

Posted by Mohammad Ramzan Drassi
November 6, 2017

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Oh my girl,

Let me be me ,

‘Coz i am shy, ‘coz i am me

I still remember those days buddy ,

You expect me to to give u a cadbury!

I too wanna offer you that honey ,

Oh i can’t even effort that much money (2)

Few guys show off just 4 little fames!

They may or may not be playing the games .

If yes !

May God protect them from the buring flames (2)

How could i forget your gorgeous face ?

The time when you tied my long shoe lace ! (2)

You still say that my heart is bigger !

That shows that you are not a gold digger ! (2)

I might offer you precious garments .


I ain’t lie my dearest parents (2)

Because they know who is me ,who is me

I am shy ‘coz i am me.

Oh my girl,

Let me be me,

‘Coz i m shy,coz i am me


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