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My YKA Story On An Abusive Encounter Reached Millions, Leading To Massive Impact

Posted by Surabhi Pandey in My Story
November 27, 2017

I can never forget August 11, 2017 and the dreadful encounter it brought me with an abusive cab driver. After going through the incident, I was shaken. The only way writers know how to vent their emotions, is by writing. Thanks to Youth Ki Awaaz, writers like me have a platform to talk about issues that matter.

I wrote my story and YKA not only carried it, but also put it on the homepage. My story was shared on their Facebook page as well and reached many people. A YouTuber read my story and thought that it should be documented in an audio visual format as well. We recorded a 12-minute monologue with no script and simply posted it without much editing. The video went viral and trended on social media for days. YKA supported me further by linking my story on their page with the video. Reebok India read the story, saw the video and ran my story under their #FightToFight campaign. The popular RJ Khurafati Nitin also read the YKA story and interviewed me on his show.

My agenda was to let maximum people know about my story. Millions of women take cabs every day in cities and towns. Sometimes they travel alone and I felt that they needed to hear my story. They needed to know that we need not succumb to the hollow threats of criminals.

If we show courage and act patiently, we may come out of the most adverse situations safe and sound. I am more than grateful to YKA for running the story and helping me reach out to millions. I received innumerable calls, texts, messages, and comments of people who said that they were inspired by it. In my pursuit of making cities safer for women, YKA helped me a lot. It helped me create awareness and took me a few notches higher in doing my part to fight crime against women.