Nagpur Diary – A Call from godmother

Posted by Manzoor Bin Bashir
November 12, 2017

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As the day passed he was feeling fatigue due to the toilsome reading of short stories of Saadat Hasan Manto throughout the day apart from a luncheon that was a  plate full of rice and little some unbaked vegetables which are usually cooked by an inexperienced culinarian fella. At a leased apartment when one is far away from his home particularly perusing a job or study he manages all his domestic stuff right from cooking, washing clothes up to ironing. It was twilight hour, his Cell phone was ringing, as he attended the call, it was his mentor.

“Attend a workshop tomorrow, Dada Ji”, She said.

 He was much pleased to listen about the good news, it had been so long that he attended the classes during his college days. He was not much updated about the ethics which nowadays a student has to follow in his classroom. As the night moved on he was supposed to be at the prescribed venue at sharp 14:00 hour’s. The promised place was of walking distance from his abode.

Next day morning as he woke up apart from his stoned sleep he was not able to open his eyes anyhow he managed to arise. He felt chilly and began a light workout of press-up to prepare his body for the unbearable cold tap water. After washroom he selected the dress code for the day. He rushed to nearby Gaddi-godam Square to catch a rickshaw. 

The day was good. When he reached at the venue there was no one to whom he could reveal the whereabouts of the event. He picked out his cell phone from his trouser to call his mentor for knowing the prime location of the workshop. He finally got an address of Shalom Hall where all the seminars and debates of the students of this college are being held. As he approached he found a huge lock on the grills of outer metallic door, no one was permitted to get inside. 

He turned towards the English department to checkout if  there is Aunt Mary,   but could not found any clue about her. She teaches in this college. He was very sad to discern that some exams were being conducted by her department and the peon told him that the whole team is busy right on. The reason was very simple but he was in keen interest to see her. It had been so long time he had not met her. It was almost one year before when she came to teach him and his friends at their apartment.

All the way he came back to Shalom Hall where he concerned a man, he may be faculty member of Psychology department, he joined with him to get right direction for the place where the seminar was being organized. Some ladies were waiting outside the seminar room and two of the attendants were inside the hall for welcoming the guests and for the dais person who was supposed  to demonstrate the Do’s and Don’ts of the research . The first for him was about  how to make synopsis, thesis and about the new changes in the old published ordinance. The second half was the PPT session and its Pros and Cons.

It was the two days before the 68th Republic day of Countrymen of India, meanwhile in the end there was a refreshment of tea and then see off . 

On the way back to apartment on every square and every nook of this city  some poor adolescent boys with their infants kin’s . some bare foot and some with broken slippers, some salty dried snot on their upper lip, some with torn loose uppers on their abdominal cavity and naked lean legs were selling the Wrist bands , Caps , Tiny car décor flags engraved with I LOVE INDIA, and some tricolor balloons in their hands to  sell. 

It is pathetic to overlook these tiny downtrodden creatures whom being  down to the earth living in an under Privileged mechanism. While he took some pictures of them, they did not want to come in the snapshots, they wrapped their faces and also turned towards the nearby wall so one can’t figure out them clearly. A lady was with them with the bunch of swollen balloons, she told that “we are from Rajasthan.”

On the way there was also an old man sitting beside a wall scratching his itches because of unclean thin hair that one can grasp easily that from how days he has not bathed that was his drenched hair with dust and sweat. 

The traffic was in deafening rush on the highway when the signal turned green, suddenly a motorbike  passed by riding a couple, her sandal was slipped out of her foot, he saw the falling thing on the road , picked it up and gave back to her , she felt uneasiness and told, “I feel sorry , you picked my slipper”. He told her that It is all right.

Finally he approached to his abode and was feeling extreme weariness , he had his dinner and slept like a wooden Log.

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