National anthem

Posted by Addyasa
November 16, 2017

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All this while what I knew is that love is a feeling ,u need to have emotions to feel it .u just can’t force someone to love and respect you .just as love and respect comes from within in the same way love and respect for the motherland also comes from within.
But the recent order from the chief justice of India on National anthem to be played at cinema halls has a different angle to look at .
It seems as if the chief justice of India forcefully trying to invoke feeling of patritotism by making it a compulsion to be played at cinema halls.

During my school days I eagerly wait for the national anthem to be sung at the end of the assembly .when we start singing suddenly the atmosphere changes ,it engulfs me with a different kind of positivity.And now sometimes at home i just sit ,close my eyes plug in my ear phones and listen to the tunes of the national anthem in youtube it reminds me of my nation’s struggles, about its culture its heritage its history I have had a different kind of connection with it.
Just because I feel for it differently I must not expect my friends, my colleagues my fellow Indians to feel the same as the way I do.
My freinds may sung it out of rules followed in assembly
My colleagues may have stood up out of reverence.
And the people who are harbouring in India may do it out of solidarity .
But they do whatever it demands.
they may not associate emotions to it .
Does it mean they are more patriotic and me less !!
Does it mean they revered it and I don’t.

A National anthem is a nation’s pride,


There is no harm in playing a nation’s pride in cinema halls rather “we should be proud enough to stand up for a 52 sec long anthem” irrespective of place it is played.
But what matters most is that tommorow if the chief justice may again come up with some absurd ideas that National anthem should be played at traffic, Markets ,shopping malls ,Baarat , Disco ,pub, clubs ,parties too. Would the people of India still respect it as they do when it is being played at schools offices educational institutions !!


Before making it mandatory in such places we need to think such places are purely for entertainment and fun.
And playing National anthem at such places would be considered as a part of entertainment .
My question, Has the worth of national anthem degraded to such a level that just to instill a feeling of patritotism and nationalism we need to make it a compulsion to be played at those places !!!
And what if i don’t stand up while national anthem is being played at these places??
Would they put me behind bars or would they hire persons to keep a constant eye over me or would they put CCTV cameras everywhere just to check who sits n who stands.
And if they do then it is nothing but they are weaving fears among Indians.
And Respect never originates out of fear it comes out of Love.
Certain protocols must be followed in playing a country’s anthem orelse
it would end up insulting the national anthem at the end .

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