No one will dare to bunk again!

Posted by Shalom Poonawalla
November 19, 2017

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“Run Valencia!” yells Janice with horror dripping in her voice. Our entire pale, frightened, face fixed at Valencia running in the corridor with a blur light following right behind her. The classroom is silent, no one daring to utter a word. The only sounds that can be heard are the heavy footsteps, coming from Valencia, in the corridor. It feels like she is putting her entire effort in running, but running only in one place. She didn’t seem to come closer nor move further away. It feels like the corridor keeps growing longer and longer with each step she takes. She light is in the same place too. It all seems frozen. Our bodies feel frozen. The same frighten look plastered on each face. Time seems to be moving so slow. Valencia glances behind her shoulder and runs faster than anyone could ever have. She enters the classroom and hits her belly on the bench as Lien quickly fastens the latch. Damn! Those last few seconds were quick! We stand still with confusion and horror clearly visible on our faces. What was that? We had our first encounter with “it”. Who knew what was awaiting us?


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