On Behalf of the Fellow writers

Posted by Shailja Chaurasia
November 11, 2017

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On behalf of all those who love the freedom of expressing their world in words…
Everything in the universe has it’s own essence.
So don’t ruin the verdure of poetry by scratching it with chunks (excuse) of sense and logic.
Just the way science and religion, if brought together, can prove to become a subject of critical arguments, poetry if demanded to be smeared by logic and not liberty and usage of poetic devices, can land you on an unsmooth platform, as well.
Why is cognitive intellect so overrated as opposed to the faculties of emotions and pensive contemplation?
Why are writers, poets and thinkers not venerated unless they produce a few bestsellers or are something else, besides being just a ‘ mere’ writer?
Yes ,they write the obvious.
Yes, they might seem melancholic.
Yes, they get exasperated, or maybe curious by the subtle things around them.
Yes, they can be sarcastic at instances where they needn’t be so.
Yes, they might repeat the same thing in a million different ways.
Yes, they may not speak much to show the world how they , too, can be brainy rather than being just another mere writer.

But No…
They do not run away from the realities
They do not give in to cowardice by not letting their weak veins strain a bit and rupture.
They do not pile up their woes to let them speak for themselves when it’s way too late.
They do not fail to stop somewhere all of a sudden and look from pillar to post ,in search of something he/she doesn’t even know.
They do not restrain themselves from unraveling the truths stocked up within the sweetest melodies with the darkest histories.
They do not let the other umpteen analogies that can be deducted from a single strand of obsolete thread, slip into oblivion.
Call them fools, Call them names; but no, they won’t turn back to look eye to eye to match your gaze.

They can perceive things beyond the peripheral vision (again, some might start explaining me the scientific definition of the term), things which most of us are unable to extract from a situation.
They can pen down multiple pages about the fortune of the last scorched leaf on an old autumn tree and another multiple pages about the ill-fate of the same scorched leaf fallen from the old autumn tree.
It’s their choice what they want to write or talk about or neglect or even hide.
They like the sophisticated version of everything. How else will there be a line them and the others?
They prefer using flabbergasted instead of surprised,
A labyrinth instead of messed up life,
Frozen water to describe an ice.
It’s their choice.

Even though, their words may not prolong the life of the leaf or bring ripples in still brook without throwing a rock into it or change seasons as per their whims, but they write.
They write for themselves, they write for fellow feelers, they write to provide another perspective to every little thing they glance at, they write to run a parallel universe , unaccompanied by the glares of the so-called real universe that doesn’t like talking about realities.
So please let them be however they want themselves to be..aloof from any any comparisons, aloof from any set of rules or boundaries.


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