Once a Love Story

Posted by Sourabh Debnath
November 15, 2017

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It was the end of August 2017 a PG boy went to his college as he used to go daily.On that day,registration for 1st yr PG students were going on.But,something came to that boy’s  mind that,have a look to the auditorium hall where the registration process was going on.There he noticed a Cute girl.Unfortunately after a while that cute girl had a look on that boy.The name was Arjun(hidden).Then,suddenly arjun recalled that the cute is from his bachelor’s degree college.But,he dont onow her name.So,when there was a call from the registration desk and she stood up and heeded towards the desk for her registration.Imediately arjun searched her name on facebook and his assumption was right that she was from his bachelor’s degree college.Her name was Preeti(hidden).

So without making any delay arjun pinged her on messenger by typing “Dear Junior…Congratulations…Welcome to this University. ”

Arjun has to go for lunch.So,he went towards the out door and thought that let meeting her once.So,he turned back and called preeti in non-verbal that,please come here.So looked unconsiously and her parents too. Arjun gave a namaskar to her parents.As she was walking towards arjun,his anxiety starts,because he is going to talk with a girl to whom he has already wished in fb.She came near him,they had a conversation for few seconds,arjun was totally amazed by seeing her eyes and her smile,he started thinking of having a ride with her on his friends scooty.Then,Arjun suddenly told her that he have to go, so he left.

To be continued…

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