One day when i’ll be no more

Posted by Prasanna Yadav
November 16, 2017

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One day when i’ll be no more
my mom’s throat will not b sore
coz she will not shout on me anymore,
my dad will stop going to d shore
coz i wont b der prodding him anymore,
my love will not b happy at d core
coz i wont b der for him anymore,
my god will b resting in peace
coz i wont pester him wid stupid ques anymore,
One day when i’ll be no more
my friends will not laugh as loud
coz there would be no one to crack jokes on anymore,
my best frd would b hating me for leaving her alone
coz she cant talk her heart anymore,
my little sister will keep asking for me
but i wont b der to cuddle her anymore,
my grandma wouldnt know what to cook
coz there’d b no one asking for her dishes anymore,
The times will never b as before
coz i wont b irritating them anymore,
One day when i’ll be no more
I will not have to go through this pain anymore!!!

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