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Posted by Suresh Korumilli
November 6, 2017

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It’s not just easy to do as you think. You may have some taught to evolve in your mind some of them small but some are very huge and you need to think about them wisely. Life doesn’t grantee you second chance; we can say human brain was completely restless with the battle of Thinking versus Confusing! Yes, you may believe it or not most of us use to get confused for just no reason, there’s a saying “think before you act.” Only few of us think but lots of us over thinks which results in getting confused on the other hand you may even run for an advice which adds more weight to your confusion.

I am not saying it’s wrong to get advice from others; I want to say how it affects you. Most of the advices given are in there own point of view not in our point of you. First thing first, before going for an advice you need to take some time to think for yourself, why because it’s you ultimately who takes decision of your life. There is no lock without key in the same way if the problem (whatever it is) lies in you then automatically solutions will also lies within you. If you have clear idea of how your problem raised then it’s easy for you to find solution for it.

For example, Let us talk about a love proposal. A guy loves a girl sincerely from past years and he decided to propose her, then the first thing he starts to do is thinking. How should I propose her? How will she react? If she says no, how should I convince her? See He not yet planned the way how to propose her, but he went on thinking what to do if he was rejected. This is what where the problem lies the task in front of him is to propose her rest of the things will be decided on her reaction. He must out for her first and have to show how he loves her. Thinking is necessary when it is need but it consumes your time and mental health when you do it over time. We can’t expert single reaction from others. There will be mixed reactions along with confusion. The first thing in a proposal is to clear away that confusion.

There’s a saying “world suffers not because of the bad people but because of the silence of good people.” I hope most of us are aware about this. We never out our voice for the sake of others, if we then we must be ready to face the consequences that takes place later. Who else are ready for that? Even in their case they use to be silent, that doesn’t say they‘re unable to speak. They just wanted to skip troubles. This is what happens in society now days.

Let us speak something serious. Most of the surveys say that because of over thinking people are getting weak mentally. To avoid this

You should have your own time to talk yourself.

Advices taken from others are getting to be understood first and then adopting them to your case is necessary.

You should read the situation carefully before you take action on it.

You should have clear idea about the problem, how it raised.

If you want to see your own shadow then you must be out in light.

Some bold moves you make may fail or could be disaster in your life but for sure they will teach you something that helps in your life further.

If you wanna draw a sketch just looks for the correct pencil, not for the color. First thing is you need to finish your sketch well and then you can think about coloring it, how can you think about colors even you not decided what to draw.

Stop over thinking just do what you want. Be Bold, Be Happy, Be You…

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