Over the edge, Life happens.

Posted by Rekha Bahrani
November 19, 2017

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Over the edge I stand still with a grace.

Thinking of what tomorrow’s would bring?

Thinking of what Life has to unfold?

Thinking of how one goodbye can create a magic in your life,

Thinking of all the bitter sweet struggles

Over the edge I stand still with a grace.

Over the edge I breathe in fear,

Thoughts aren’t ready settling down

Hands and Legs still shiver remembering the scariest phase of life

Tears from the eyes doesn’t seem to stop, for they’re tired of pretending

That pain, those bruises, those wounds, that violence ; they took the beautiful life on its knees.

Over the edge I breathe in fear.

Over the edge I feel weak and cry

For the people whom I’ve lost in life

For life not being easy enough to survive

For challenges that life keeps hitting all the way right in your face

For staying away from family

For those dark nights, when you fondly miss the people who once existed in your life

For the heart breaking songs that aches your damn heart again and again and yet again

For all those memories that remind you of someone

Over the edge, I feel weak and cry.

Over the edge I burn in agony

For the people who came and destroyed my life, my peace of mind, sleep, health and prosperity

I’ve got nothing for you, just peace is what you should get, for you need it badly

For I am not like you, I would rather hurt myself than hurting somebody

Yes, I wish you all the success in your life

Thanks for making me strong and tough

If you ever miss me someday, please ignore and don’t ever step into my life, you aren’t getting any entry inside.

If you ever see me cross your paths, just adore me from a distance, for I am not letting you paint my life.

If you ever feel like crying in my loss, cry out for crying will make you feel better.

Over the edge I burn in agony.

Over the edge I shine with a huge smile

To all the ladders that I’ve climbed so far

To all the obstacles that were left behind all the way

To the bag full of tears that were waiting for the sun to shine, for a new life to begin;

As the way was blocked, life was at halt.

To the arriving rainbow in the sky, “ Oh Rainbow! Why are you so beautiful?”

To the people who encouraged a bit more everyday

To the friends and dear ones that never left you

To those hardships you fought bravely and made a point to reach up there and witness those gorgeous heights

Over the edge I shine with a huge smile.

Over the edge I see up and feel grateful

For all the life, that happened so far

For all the lessons learnt

For all the new beginnings

For all the second chances

For life being vulnerable at once and incredible at other

For the beautiful people who came in life and never left

For the peace, that now I dive into and mark the place to be

For said, unsaid things that happened, which means a lot to me

Over the edge, I see up and feel grateful.


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