Padmavati : Freedom of Expression or Character Assassination?

Posted by Pankaj Kapadia
November 19, 2017

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A lot has been talked about “Padmavati”, starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapur and Ranveer Singh. Though, I don’t endorse the Karni Sena’s bounty or their remarks of violence but, I don’t endorse Bhansali either.

However, in the name of freedom of expression and artistic freedom, can one distort facts?

Then Show in a movie that
(i) Rani Laxmibai, the epitome of valour, had an affair with Dalhousie?
(ii) The Indian Army ran away in the Kargil war.
(iii) Guru Nanak Dev Ji, or Prophet Mohammad Saab or Sage Ved Vyas or Bhagwan Ram or Bhagwan Buddha or Bhagwan Mahavira had physical relationships with their disciples.

Can we allow such character assassinations ?

I heard an argument. That it’s khilji so.. it’s an issue.. there would not have been an issue if it was some Chauhan…

Did the nation dint stand with Nirbhaya coz the rapist was Ram Singh?
If some Fatima is raped by a Singh then only it will be an issue? No issues if he happens to be a khan?

I also heard… Was Padmavati a Devi? That the sentiments get hurt?

She was a reverred lady. I suggest people to visit Chittor. We hindus, do worship Mata Anusooya, Mata Ahilya … They might be normal human beings.. so was Siddhartha .. or Even the prophet or Guru Govind Singh Ji…

Some say Why Rajput or Hindu.. why not Indian pride? Well, she surely belonged to India.. but did not she belong to the Hindu community and a Rajput family as well ? One can be an Indian.. a Hindu too .. A marwari as well simultaneously.

If someone portrays Mata Anusooya having an intimate relationship with someone, I won’t accept.

#Fiction ? Then why name Padmavati? Why name Subhash Naagre in Sarkar? Why not Bal Thackeray?

I actually am missing Bala Saheb today for some reason. This man ‘Bhansali’ I loved his movies. But since Bajirao and now this.. Nowadays, Not many people read history that well, majority of them would assume that the greatest of the Maratha warrior lost his life in the love of that girl called Mastani.

So, I don’t endorse the beheading or nose chopping remarks. But, with all my might, I condemn the distortion of history and the character assassination. There is a story that there is no such sequence in the film. The concerned authorities should Look into it. The people’s concerns must be addressed.

Some people ask for a ban on Karni sena. I am okay with it. Every act must be in the framework of our Constitution. But, did we ban the maulana who issued a bounty for #SonuNigam episode? The Constitution states that the FoE is not absolute.

#SexyDurga #SexyAyesha #SexyFatima #SexyMary all should be okay otherwise.

#Vishwaroopam Use such Artistic Creativity for Prophet Saab or Nanak Dev Ji or Bhagwan Buddha/Mahavira and see the magic. Coz for some idiots Bhagwan Ram was a #Fiction

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