Posted by satInder Singhal
November 21, 2017

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Today  lot of people both in print and t v are talking about the film Padmavati  the  real issue  is the hurt pride  .The people who are speaking for the film producer Bhansaali are simply seeing India and its culture through western lence or one can say from Chrishtan point of view  that is one god and one book . This view says some power called god came and created the world in seven days  and Islam also believes in a bit similar idea. The other view is that there is no god and believe in theory of evolution . The Hindu idea is  based on some unseen energy flowing in all of us in animals ,plants and even non living things . This energy binds all of us the animals ,plants and non living things .Our ancient masters thorwhly studied these relationships . In plants they found ,Peepl  tree very benificial they recmended to worship it ,they found Tulsy plant having great medicinal qualities they  worshiping it  and so on . In man woman relationship or father daughter or brother sister or father son they created some checks and balnances so that every body is placated  to create a peaceful society .Allaudeen khiljee reprsented the forces that believed  in kill ,eat and enjoy  unmindful of the pain to others.Most of of Hindu worship methods cannot be explained in black and white terms in comparison to one book and one god theory therefore they are like sitting ducks for all kinds of of writers,copy writers,film makers,columnists etc.Hindus being at the recieving end for the last thousand years or so they reacted meekly at any insults thrown on them ..Sanjey lila bhansaalies film is just another insult thown on Hindus . Padmavati was a simbol of pride . Any body can make a film ,write to hurt Hindu pride to make profits or to be in good books of westren powers .There should be a law to stop that .

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