Posted by Kalyani Shelat
November 22, 2017

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Is there anything that doesn’t let you sleep if not accomplished or the thought of doing it comes to you daily? Have you ever thought that why do you enjoy doing some things? Why do you try finding opportunities and chances to cross the roads which you very well know will lead to one of the things you love doing? If you already have such thoughts then you are very much on track. If not, then don’t worry, today is the day you have planted the seeds, fruits of which will add value to your life ahead.

It’s a famous saying that ‘If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion’. Your passion will lead you straight to your purpose. Passion, in layman’s terms is the strong fondness or a feeling to do something that gives you internal satisfaction and happiness. Passion can be for anything. It can be for any of the art forms, sports, emotions, feelings, people, food, be it anything. There is no limit to the list of things that a person can be passionate about. Restricting it to daily monotonous tasks would be shear injustice. Anything and everything that gets your blood racing is definitely worth doing.

Personally I feel, one of the most important ingredients to successful life is the pursuit to follow your passion. I won’t be wrong to say, what oxygen is for a living being is passion for a beautiful soul to develop and grow. It’s something that lights your way in many possible ways you could ever imagine. Passion leads to the journey of perfection. Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and earning money. It’s about finding your own authentic self, the one you have buried beneath other people’s needs and expectations.

While conversing with people what I found was very interesting. When a person is asked about anything that he/she is passionate about, there is a paradigm shift in the body language, facial expressions, thoughts and the interest level. There is a different zeal in those conversations. May be there is a power house in human mind and body that gets activated as soon as such thoughts are triggered. It gets easy to keep the conversation rolling if you get these trigger points.

Coming to another aspect of it. I have many live examples of people who are very passionate about things, but they lack the confidence and determination to go on that path. There is a constant fear of being judged and talked ill off. It is important to realize that, burning with desire to do something and keeping quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. Everyone has some or the other talent. What is rare is, the courage to follow it to the dark places and corners where it leads to. I won’t be amazed if I get a few nods for the statement just made. What we fail to understand is that it is this fear, which stops us from living the life we have dreamt of. Undoubtedly it’s an adventure where the risk quotient is too high. But come on, it’s totally worth it!! Isn’t it?? After all, it goes like a common theory in stock market, ‘more the risk taken, more is the rate of return associated with it’. It drills down to how well you adjust the risk factor: indeed an art worth learning. The catch is being fearless in THE PURSUIT of what sets your soul on fire.

As a parting thought I couldn’t agree more and would urge you to understand what Mr. Einstein had once said- “One need not have extraordinary differential talents; being passionately curious is more than enough”.

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