Pets And Pet Owners Will Not Be Taxed, Clarifies Punjab Government

The fight between pets and people has culminated after a timely clarification. Pets no longer have any enmity with their masters, while the masters are free to care of the pets. As a result, the loving relationship between humans and animals has again been established in the wake of the approaching winter.

The changing weather is also bringing a change in people’s mood. The Punjab government’s clarification regarding the reports of pets being taxed has caused ample reactions. The clouds over the horizon have also been visibly cleared.

People had not liked this idea of fresh taxation on domestic pets. It seemed rather strange, didn’t it? People may have initially considered this to be a ‘little’ hostile, but then unhappily realised it to be a ‘wholly’ hostile step. However, they thought that they would have to put up with it, as they may have done in similar situations in the past.

Pets in urban areas will not be taxed – this has been made clear by the Punjab government. When all the noise about the alleged levy is over, there must be a feeling of freedom running through the pets.

At first glance, this sudden notice seemed to be similar to the license requirement for owning a TV set in India, a few decades back. This was prevalent even during the time of the 1982 Asian Games in Delhi. However, despite the license requirement, people did not stop buying TV sets (which had antennas in those days) for their entertainment.

Seen in this light, if the Punjab government had indeed intended to impose taxes on pets, how could it have hoped to restrict people from keeping domestic pets? After all, one’s hobby cannot simply be shunned by introducing a tax regime.

Not surprisingly, the Navjot Singh Sidhu-led local government department reacted quickly and angrily to rumours of taxes being levied. However, in my opinion, even if there were plans to do so strictly in Punjab, it would have failed wholly in the state. There was never a chance of such a move spreading to other states. What could have been promulgated as an experiment has been distinctly nipped in the bud.


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Featured image source: Sattish Bate/Hindustan Times via Getty Images
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