piece of heart

Posted by golden girl
November 14, 2017

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i am in a dilemma coz i stands nowhere;

trying to figure out my golden dreams behind this hazy charming life;

yes as i can say it charming coz i’m animated by god for some purpose here,

reached a point where those agog eyes of folks doesn’t ruffle ;

or sometimes surmise whether I’ve become blatant enough to push every question away!!!!

but sometimes these things makes me perturbed enough to make me question my existence,,

why am i here even why is life so mean as if avenging me of my flagrant deeds…

is it so????????

i don’t think so coz had i been so useless ,those glittering eyes of 7 puppies would’ve never blossomed as i go near them,,,

even they are curious but filled with optimism that those hands which are useless according to the world would never let us starve….

this jovial thing is my stimulus for not giving up,,

that’s how i find something good to get back after each blow of life and that something doesn’t have to be logically pleasing ,might be stupid but good enough to make me survive for another day….


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