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Professional politics

Posted by Suresh Korumilli
November 8, 2017

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“India was developing country”

I was hearing this since from my childhood, still India was a developing country. So how long should we wait to say India was a developed country? Until, unless Indian youth shows some concentration on Indian politics.

Indian state politics have became families heritage, when father retires son was ready to hire the position if not, someone from the trustworthy list. This keeps on going until youth takes part in active politics. Most of the guys may not have idea that we’re ruling by some politicians who don’t know any of the subjects in academics and even they don’t know spelling of their respective ministries. If an issue rises the politician takes step according to his political party phenomenon not in the real way of solving it. Every citizen of India have a feeling that Parliament is not for discussing on public issue, it’s for fighting and trolling others. OK, stop blaming our politicians. Let’s have some serious discussion of youth scenario. How we use to think…

Generally a guy shows interest in building his career, at the same time He has some interest in politics but he never enter into the politics. Why because he needs money to survive and he can’t earn it of his early stage in party. Why because he need to spend minimum lacks to cores to buy MLA Ticket. Even though if he dares then his fortune may not be predicated or it will be like melting ice until he gets recognized.

Keeping this apart, have you ever taught that finance mister should have CA qualification and at the same time Health minister should have degree from medicine institute. All the ministries should be appointed only if they are having respective degree. Do you know what the qualification to be MLA or MP is? You may have a question is qualification necessary for being a minister? Than I would say yes, Countries which are near to use and smaller than area of states in India are having ministers with combined degrees and doctorates too and even we while selecting a maid for our house we use to do lots of enquiry on her/him and also the conduct from previous work place. Most probably vote bank politics were coming to end now. We are not just voting, we are deciding. India will not be democratic country until and unless democracy wins, and the win comes when we citizens of India properly utilizes our vote. At this present generation everything was socialized and media plays very crucial role but not responsible. I said this, not to all media channels. Mostly for those channels who particularly favor to a single political party. In a movie I seen the CM of the state appoints two ministers for single department. A senior (50-70) and a junior (25-50) here senior and junior is not just age qualification. Senior having well experience in politics who can holds and solve critical situations easily and a junior who was having technical knowledge and having ability to learn new things all over the world. This could be possible in movies only by because they are fantasies. Just think about it, is it possible? If this happens in real politics there will be misunderstandings and lot more to ruins themselves and their party.

The main concept that ruins whole politics are corruption and that cannot be vanished from Indian Politics until single citizen of India fight for his right. Youth has power to built new society where politics can be professional and particular. Political party should not be someone’s family heritage. Indian Literacy rate was grown to 74.04% from 12% by the end of British government but, still rules by illiterate politics. How long this is correct of being ruled.

It’s not same as in past, now every moment of a single politician very highlighting to every corner of the country. Especially, when social media involves! Youth has new ideas of using this social media in different ways and this can helps to bring a new era in politics. If someone takes a step to clean Indian politics then Indian youth are ready with broom.

“Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

-H.L Mencken.

This is a well proven saying; there is no time to speak on public issue when they use complete time trying to prove other party was unfit to rule. It happens in present cases.

The day when democracy wins and we say India is a developed country only when all the ministers have qualified with any degree of graduates having a clear view. Hope those days will come in future.

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